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Yeah, I continued to open the file, but I was confused that the title screen still looked like Fire Red's so I didn't start it.

Starting the game, the pikachu in the tutorial has a glitch on its head.

Then, I move into naming of the characters. First off, the boy/girl character drawss me off. If the main goal is to be Gary and be a rival to Ash, then i would think that the main character should be a guy. If it were a story about a certain character then i belive the chracter should keep the same gender. The first person needs to be switched with the second person. You have Ash and Gary mixed up. And when naming Ash's character, you could put an option for Ash's name instead.

I got confused going downstairs. I went straight to the lady at the table and thought I was still playing fire red or something. But then I read it again and it she said "your grampa". Any way, I was confused to see Gary in Ash's house. I watched the anime the first season and Ash and Gary didn't seem to like each other so much. Ash was always so jealous of Gary. Gary was always so negative to Ash. That being said, Gary waking up in Ash's home caught me off guard. It may be better for Gary to wake up in his own home. Then, when he goes downstairs, his sister runs up to him and tells him to hurry to meet Gramps his lab, icluding that she knows Gary wants to get a better pokemon than Ash and that he should hurry before Ash gets there.

Then, when you arrive in at Oak's lab, it would be cool for Oak to tell you that most of his friends already have came and chosen ther pokemon, including he is surprised that you got here so late and that Ash still is not here. Then include that there only two pokemon left. And to remember to make the best choice.

For the pikachu problems and since we know Ash should get pikachu, Oak should say something like, "Sometimes it may be better for a trainer if their pokemon likes them more. If a pokemon is happy more often, it will do better in out out of battle more."

When you go up to pikachu, the text should be like "Pikachu growls at you. Pikachu turns its back and tail whips you. Pikachu does not trust you at all. Pikachu doesn't want you to be its traner." And then there would be no selection of whether or not you want Pikachu.

Then when you go up to Eevee, the text could say the opposite and there would be a selection of whether you want Eevee.

When you choose Eevee, Ash should be running up to Oak and Oak should tell Ash that he is the last person to choose a pokemon, so there is only one left. Ash would go up to Pikachu and select it.

Any way, that is all I'm going to write for now. These are all suggestion, you don't have to do them, but I think it could better your goal of the rivalry between Ash and Gary and make it a new perspective of the anime in which you are Gary and not Ash.
I have mixed feelings about this post, but I accept the criticism, even though this is my first hack, and it is still in Pre-beta . I'm still working on in, and Pre-beta was just a bug-search/fix stage, which is still going on. This hack isn't a remake of the anime, it's not going to have every single detail, and being a noob hacker, I cannot make the impossible possible.(For now.)