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Seen April 3rd, 2017
Posted October 15th, 2016
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Hack name: Pokémon Blazing Fire
Hack of: 1636 - Pokémon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels)
Information about the hack: Story starts in a village where Professor X or Professor Xous gave the player a Pokémon to help him in his Research he doesn't have a pokedex and he said that he is ordering one until he should go and check Pokémon Temple and research for the Legend of Heatran. The player goes as directed and meet the inventor of Pokedex Professor oak who was being chased by spy. But the spy was ready to battle Prof oak Player wins. Prof oak gives him a Pokedex. By the time Prof x comes and meets oak then player goes to temple and learns about heatran and also learns about team Blaze. He then comes back to report Prof X but occasionally meet Rival and names him. Then he goes and report everything to Prof X. Prof X tells him to meet his father. His father suggests that there is a gym leader in this town's gym. Player than battles the gym leader and carry on his journey.
Finished percentage: 5%
Your hacking skills: You can say Pre-Intermediate
What help or skill you're looking for: Mainly for Spriting, tileset editing and For Scripting. If you can do something else you are always Welcomed :)

Additional contact information: To contract me You can email at [I am most active with this email] or [Less active with this] Or contract me from Skype - blazing_rud

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