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Hack name: Pokemon Sea Blue
Hack of: Fire Red
Information about the hack: It's somewhat of a "third version" to Fire Red and Leaf Green with new types and Pokemon and other things. You can find more information and the progress of the hack here or at the image link in my signature.
Finished percentage: I'd say anywhere from 10-15%.
Your hacking skills: I can script, use tools, and other generic hacking skills.
What help or skill you're looking for: I am looking for a possible ASM'er to help create things in the hack that may require ASM.
Additional contact information: I would like a PM before giving out extra information.
Additional information: I have been out of contact with my spriter for a long while. I want to have fakemon but I sort of require a sprite (or idea for a sprite) before continuing other aspects (stats, moves, evolutions) of the fakemon. If you have, or will, make sprites I can use for fakemon, and you are willing to donate, or create, them for me to use in my hack, please pm me. Also, I would like a beta tester. I tend to add a lot of stuff here and there and sometimes it messes up other parts of the hack seemingly unrelated.
Check out my Hack-in-progress and help decide the last Mega Evolution.

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