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Hack name: Pocket Monsters: Murasame

Hack of: Fire Red (US)

Information about the hack: Journey to the Tropi Region, home of Professor Murasame. Play as either Lyn (boy) or Lin (girl) and travel around the region to compete in the Pokemon League, while at the same time uncover the plot of a mysterious group clad in Blue and uncover the secrets of Nature itself.

Travel through deserts, beaches, mountians and even swamps as you catch pokemon on your quest!

Finished percentage: Story Completion 65%, World Map Completion 100%, Mapping 0% Spriting 0%, Scripting 0%

Your hacking skills: Spriting - Good or Decent edits to Pokemon and Trainer Sprites. Scripting - Able to help out with scripted events and such. Mappers- Able to help with tile insertion and mapping.

What help or skill you're looking for:
Spriters for Overworld and Trainer Battle Sprites. ASM Help Scripter and General Help Scripter, Mapper with skills on mapping and tile inserting.

Additional contact information: Team Discord Link, Or Skype me (sonicsoulfighterz/[Rock Hard Brock On] -Apollo-) or tiggytiggy122 (xana6756) or email him.

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