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    Originally Posted by reyzn View Post
    If possible...

    Name: Reyzn
    Pokemon: Nidoking, Male, Lvl 29
    Box: 4
    Nature: Lonely
    Offer In Return: Dusclops, Male, Lvl 40
    Due By: Anytime
    Time Zone: Pacific (canada)
    Friend Code: signature
    How To Contact You: VM/PM
    =p Very possible lol, I can give you Nidoqueen for free if you want
    Friend Code: 5242 3514 0878

    We Offer-
    -Free Rare Candy Services
    -Free TM/HM Services
    -Free Breeding Services
    -Free Cloning Services
    -Weekly Changed Free Pokemon(Can be Shiny!!)

    -Reg Pokes
    -Pokes w/ Egg Moves
    -EV Training Services

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