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    Originally Posted by Luiz Felipe Apolinário View Post
    Jambo you have to do make a patch with your asm already inserted in the pokemon firered for me to test the tool's shiny Quagsire? If you can do it I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your attention!
    Sorry, but a straight up patch is a VERY bad idea because it might overwrite another hacker's hard worked on data. If I had the know how, I'd write a tool which inserts the routines in a sensible location for you, but I don't. Shiny Quagsire's tool is outdated and was designed for a much older version of the routine. AFAIK, he's working on updating it, and is trying to build the routine insertion into it.

    EDIT: I patched the time update routine onto the main loop on Emerald by using this routine:

    .align 2
    .global timeupdatemainloop
     push {r0-r3}
     bl timeupdate
     pop {r0-r3}
     pop {r0}
     lsl r0, r0, #0x18
     cmp r0, #0x0
     bne there
     bl thatplace
     pop {r0}
     bx r0
    there: ldr r0, place
     bx r0
    thatplace: ldr r0, thatplace2
     bx r0
    timeupdate: ldr r1, timeupdt
     bx r1
    place: .word 0x080004D5
    thatplace2: .word 0x0800051D
    timeupdt: .word 0x0802F589
    In order for this to work, go to 0x080004CA, and stick the following code in instead:
    01 B4 00 48 00 47 XX XX XX 08
    What this does is makes the time update routine be called once a frame no matter where in the game you are or what you are doing.
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