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    Originally Posted by KittenKoder View Post
    Ask a million people this question ... and you will get a million opinions, also a few smart people telling you this one simple truth:

    You really have to try them before you can decide which is "best" for you.

    Want a bigger screen? Pick the 2DS or the 3DS XL.
    Want clamshell design? Pick the 3DS or 3DS XL.
    Don't care about 3D? Pick the 2DS if you are low on money.
    Battery life important to you? The 3DS XL is still the longest lasting for most people.
    Want durable? The 2DS is the answer for that one.
    Have small hands? The 3DS classic is probably the best answer.
    Portability? The 3DS Classic is the smallest, the 3DS XL is the second smallest when folded, the 2DS is a bit more bulky.

    If you have a chance, try them all in your hand, see how they feel. Pick which one feels most comfortable because after a few hours of gaming, even a little discomfort can start to wear you down. ;)
    Being Perfectly honest that's the best answer I've ever read; sums everything up perfectly!

    I can say though you shouldn't get the console just for XY; It isn't worth it at all then. Try some other games in the catalogue too - Ocarina of Time 3DS is amazing, for example!!

    and one more thing to add: My roommate has the XL and he says that the design is awkward, it's just that bit too heavy to play comfortably for long periods of time. He props it up on a pillow because it does wear you down after a while, as KittenKoder said :)
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