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    Originally Posted by Jay_37040 View Post
    I never play any console "in the air". I always have it supported on something, be it my lap or on a desk. If you hold a piece of paper up in the air for an extended period of time, even that will tire your wrist or arm out, as you're forcing your joints to resist gravity. It's not the weight of an object that's actually causing the discomfort, it's how you are holding the object. If you hold the system closer to your chest you reduce the center of gravity which actually reduces the strain on your muscles. Holding something further away from you increases the stress put on your muscles.
    Well, to access the buttons comfortably you do have to hold it in your hand for most games, though I prop mine up on the desk or lap most often when I do this, if the system was any larger I would be unable to play for more than 30 minutes before discomfort set in, due to the stretching in weird ways to gain access too the buttons. I have an XL, but the regular one felt too cramped for me so I went with the XL. Thus size is the primary concern with how comfortable it is, not just because of the weight, which can impact comfort, but also the reaching for the buttons. The system is, essentially, an elaborated gamepad.
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