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Ultimate Dragon Monotype in Pokémon Black


Time for another update on my Ultimate Dragon Monotype.

This run was interesting. I hacked Deino as my starter in place of Tepig and it had Hustle. Combined with its stats and late evolution, mid game felt a lot like late game of my 1st stage no faint solo runs. Deino was dying a lot. Especially since she barely hit anything at all. I'll have nightmare about Excadrill for a long time because of that. Missing every single attack in several tries was insane.

But after getting Axew, this run got second wind and I quickly cut through the rest of the Gym Leaders and E4. Last obstacle of this run was Ghetsis' Hydreigon. I refused to train my Zweilous to level 64, because I didn't want to be overleveled for him, but oh god, I wish I did. Hydreigon was faster than all my dragons (I forgot to set up Haxorus with Dragon Dance prior) and was able to one-shot all of them, so I had to PP stall its Dragon Pulse and then beat it with Haxorus' Dragon Claw.

Overall, this was pretty good run. Here's the final screen of Ghetsis:

Next up is Kalos and opportunity to get more than 3 Pokémon on team. If I recall correctly, there are Bagon and Axew early on after 1st Gym, so I don't have to trade anything in.


Betty, Jolly Female Zweilous
lvl 51, Hustle
- Crunch
- Body Slam
- Dragon Rush
- Work Up

Denderina, Sassy Female Druddigon
lvl 55, Rough Skin
- Dragon Claw
- Crunch
- Superpower
- Bulldoze

Mythos, Careful Male Haxorus
lvl 59, Mold Breaker @Dragon Fang
- Dragon Claw
- Slash
- Guillotine
- Dragon Dance
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