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Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
So yeah im stuckkkk as ill lose something if i replace something (if that made sense) lol
That's a point most of my better teams hit, lol. :( I dunno if it happens to everyone but I always end up hitting that every other team and I can't figure out how to improve it much more beyond that. But at this point if you're going to go through and try changes I'd do it on an alternate account and see what makes even more success for you; I dunno how well anything will blow over but you might as well give it a go and see how it works out.

Karpman's rate is golden and suggests most of the things I was thinking when I was going through your post and even more beyond that. More specifically, I like the idea of running Hitmontop because personally I think Starmie is pretty meh, and Tangrowth >> Gliscor. SD X-Scissor from Exca is a pain, though...

It also seems like SD Virizion w/ HP Ice might be a problem too if Roserade and Jirachi are in KO range of HP Ice and +2 CC, respectively. Beyond that it clean-sweeps your team with Leaf Blade/CC, but I guess that's a situational thing anyway. I guess your best option there is to just keep those two in good condition when your opponent has Virizion and/or wear it out with hazards and stuff. With enough Def drops Starmie can finish it off with Surf eventually anyway. reading over this it's not very helpful at all but i'm gonna click submit reply anyway