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Most of mine are Gen V just because some of their designs are ridiculous but they're still pretty decent in battle.

Tepig-Not very unique I'll have to admit here,it's the THIRD Fire/Fighting starter type out of the five generations.It's design is dodgy to me along with its evolutions,especially Pignite.

Patrat and Watchcog-These two are decent HM Slaves,but that evil glare with those unblinking red eyes.*shudders* This Pokemon looks mean and it's appearance wasn't something I was fond of. Watchcog was creepy,standing so upright and rigid like a statue,it's thin tail twitching.

Burmy was interesting...but it looked horrible and stats were awful.The design was kind of uncreative since it was this creature with either leaves or rocks stuck on it.

Woobat-'s Zubat all over again but uglier. A fluffy,blue bat with a love heart for a nose? Yes it's a pretty decent Psychic/Flying type but the design always disturbed me and was the reason I never tried using one of them.

Slugma,the small fire slug was kind of unattractive. It was this slug with fiery mucus dripping from it's nose and small yellow rocks engraved on to it along with weird lava ears.I didn't like it personally.

Wurmple wasn't something I loved. It's a weird pinkish red caterpillar,with an odd shaped head and huge,round yellow eyes. I didn't love this guy,not one bit.

I think there were maybe two or three more but I can't remember them now :P.
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