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Originally Posted by Shdwj View Post
Not gonna lie: I'm very surprised no one has commented on these yet. Great job with the Nami sig, sharpening here and there. Nice use of lighting in that sig as well as the last Dante sig. The brushes you used turned out really nice. Overall, I like the style you shot for here. However, the lighting in the large Bayonetta piece is bothering me. It seems a little too bright by her legs. I hope that helps a little. I need to work on my GFX as well, so I'm not really sure if I'm one to give a critique at the moment. But anyway, I like your work. Keep up the great work. :>
So glad you liked it! :D
And yeah, I messed up the lighting quite a bit in that bayo LP. I'll probably modify it and post it later here. Orr..maybe make a new one. In either case, I'll be glad if you offer your feedback again, mate! :D And thanks again!

Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
I'm just as surprised as the above poster! These are fantastic!

I really really adore that last banner - the positioning and sharpening is pretty spot on and extremely nice on my eyes~! I'm also a huge fan of the typography style here, that "grainy" look on it complements the entire image very well.

All-in-all I think you're quite excellent at what you do; your typography is, to me, one of your strongest points. n_n I'd absolutely adore to see more icons though, as it seems your thread is relatively banner/larger image-based.
Haha, Gav and Massimo always told me typography was very weak. lol I never got complimented for my typography either. You're probably the first, haha! Anyway, thank you SO much! <3; It means a lot. And yeah, I'll try to post as many icons as possible. I'm not good at those but..ehh. I'll give 'em a try. ;P

Originally Posted by Thunder_Chad View Post
mmm honey this is some beautiful artwork. I just love the anime theme and I love the fact that you blended it with your own natural talents and ideas. Definitely a 10/10 from me. I agree with the others, there's little to be improved except on the last banner I think that his cloak could be a bit more darker red to show the brooding implications of his dire situation.
Well, I felt making it a little more snappy might work in the favour of the tag. The red coat, I mean. But yeah, cool. I'll edit it up and see how the result turns out [that is, if I still have the .psd. Might've deleted it :(]. Thank you, by the way! :)

Originally Posted by Abnegation View Post
Man you really have come a long way. I love where your work has gone to. I can still see how heavily you are influenced by Siggy though, I'd like to see you take your own direction. That's your one big flaw, you're following still. Try some new things, be adventurous. Study some new styles, it will help you as an artist. I love that first LP also, using multiple stocks in a large piece is a very good thing to practice.
I swear Gav, this is the first time you haven't ripped my works apart (in a good way, of course. So that I can improve!). As soon as I saw your reply, I was on cloud nine, or something like that. Anyway, yeah, I need to build my own identity. I know. Moo has been telling me that for quite a while but I can't seem to break myself away from this current style. I've told Moo countless times that I'll experiment but, in the end, I end up making stuff that belongs to this very style. I can't seem to make anything innovative.

But yeah, I'll still try. No promises, though!

Anyway, these thingies here were WIPs when I abandoned 'em. I'll probably make something totally different. I abandoned 'em because I realized while working on 'em that I was merely trying stuff out which I'm already confident about/familiar stuff. I wanna experiment now. So yeah.

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