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I adore your works Derozio, incredibly aesthetically pleasing and the way you incorporate the text is so funky and fun! Whenever I drop by PC every once in a blue moon, I always stop by to see your updates!

I do think that sometimes you get a bit of a fluctuation in quality-- but I'd personally attribute that to your choice in stock. Perhaps be more careful in the future of what you choose to build your tags around? ;v;; The problem strikes particularly to me in the "If I could go away with the music" tag-- the quality of the effects is too smooth in comparison to the quality of the stock.

My favorites of yours are probably the Gintoki tag (though admittedly his hair is a tad oversharpened for my tastes and the tag is a little overdone, which detracts from the focal and makes it hard to know what I'm looking at) and the Luffy tag in your signature right now!

Ultimately I think your works are fantastic, and my only suggestion to you is, again, be more careful with the smoothness of your stock vs. the smoothness of your effects. If they clash to much, it can make it look like your stock is LQ! ;7;; You could always play around with different styles to match more with the quality of your stocks, like you did in the Santoryu tag-- that worked out very nicely, and it was a refreshing change of pace from the rest of your gallery!

I hope what I said make sense- good luck, hope to see more soon!
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