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Much appreciated, Moo! And actually, the stock came with some sort of texture over it. It wasn't low quality but was just a little low on the resolution side. The texture probably messes up the quality in your eyes, though I guess. :p And the irony is that it was a stock from your stock pack! lol Moving the text..hmm, thought about that but I thought if I do that, the text might get too far away from the guy. And I didn't want that, I guess. But yeah, just leaving this piece as is. I can't really do much to improve it apart from some blurring, sharpening and some cleaning. Can't be bothered to do all that. :p

And lol, it is alright even if you just post here. Length doesn't matter. Quality does. And you've ensured it is top-notch by pointing out precisely where the errors in my work were. ;] Not to mention, comments are always welcome! :p
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