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SAO may be over, but there's still stuff to discuss, right? Right?!

I agree that ALfheim Online really sucked. It was different from SAO, they were no longer fighting for their life, which added a lot to how I felt about the situations they were in, very few interesting things actually happened in there, the worst romantic subplot ever, and there was a serious lack of Asuna. Those episodes were, in my honest opinion, not really worth it.

How would you react if you reached the end of a game/quest and you did not receive the reward you anticipated?

That depends on if the reward I anticipated was anything exciting at all. The thing about games are usually not what's waiting at the end, but what we experience on our way to the end. If I had loads of fun catching all 150 Pokemon, but instead of getting a super rare Pikablu I simply got a diploma saying congratulations, it wouldn't really matter to me since I had fun, if I played through a super tedious game just to get the reward at the end, and it was nothing like what I'd expected, then yes, I'd throw the game in the fireplace and never think of it again.
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