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Name: Alice Morana

Age: 16

Goal: To befriend all Ghost-Pokemon, and become one of the greatest (and most feared) trainers of all.

Appearance: She has pale, alabaster skin, and a mischievous smile always on her face. Her eyes are amber colored, and normally they're bloodshot, due to her insomnia. Her hair is styled just like her partner, Lil Miss. She wears a dress of gray color, and decorated with vibrant red adornments. She also wears black dress shoes and knitted leggings, but has clothing for various weather conditions.

Personality: Ever since she was a little girl, Alice was always a bit strange. She loved and adored Pokemon, but she had a deep, unfaltering fascination with Ghost Pokemon. How she came across them was when she was separated from her family when they all were headed to Solaceon Town, to visit her grandparents. Her family has a heritage tied with grave-keeping, and care taking of places such as the Lost Tower.

A terrible storm appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and Alice was seemingly dragged off by an unseen force. The next moment, she was surrounded by a gaggle of Ghost Pokemon, along with her parents. To keep them company until the storm calmed, the Ghost Pokemon had played with Alice, and watched over them.

After that experience, Alice had adored them, and wanted to befriend any and all Ghost Pokemon. However, she had also learned of the spirits that still dwell in the world that are bound, unable or unwilling. Not only that, but also that there are people in this world who would defile such sacred spaces.

She wanted to become a great and powerful trainer so that she may be not only a great ghost trainer, but maybe even an Elite like Agatha.


Lil Miss, the Misdreavus

Gender: ? / Ability: Levitate / Attacks: Growl, Psywave, Spite, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Mean Look

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