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    Little things huh, okay let's get this down to around 3 to 5 things at the most now shall we.

    -Puppies, they're no different from a cloud of locusts when dealing with them for at least a few months straight.

    -When friends of mine try to get you to mingle with their friends when I'm not very interested if at all in meeting them.

    -When the person driving the car puts on radio music that's more bland than plain wheat toast on a cardboard box for 4 hours straight at the least.

    -When I'm trying to talk to someone and they either ignore what I say completely or don't even bother to reply, do I have to smack someone now to get their attention?
    "Well what else is there to talk about, apart from the weather, the assassination attempt of the day being sponsored by El Dente's, and of course the latest political sex scandal involving foreign tranny midgets and elderly men in a 3000 dollar hot tub in a Beverly Hills suite."
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