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    ∣ PROJECT: Eris
    Rustboro Ruins

    Chapter One: Part One
    Ashes of Beauty

    "Wha-- Oh my..." Eris had gasped somewhat and covered her mouth with both hands. Her eyes widened and seemed to glint in awe. "I had always heard that this place was beautiful, certainly this is not what they meant..." She thought aloud, before taking a few metallic steps forward. Clink, clang, clink, clang. Oh, how she hated the sound! Among the ruins of the town was a single building which was standing, but barely. Everything was a wreck. "Who could have done such an awful thing...?" she looked around, and spotted a few people standing in the area. One she recognized from magazines as a Gym Leader, though she forgot the girl's name.

    "Excuse me, miss!" She called out, rushing at a slow and dainty jog, feet clanging with each step. "Please don't be alarmed, I'm just a normal person!" She added, no doubt getting some looks from the few visible people here. "Miss, what happened to this place?" She asked the currently unnamed Gym Leader, "This certainly looks out of the ordinary... Who did this?"

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