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Sara Lain With flower girl Selena
Sara and Selena walked through the forest, having left an hour after eating. Selena walked with Nincada at her side because she refused to return him. Both of Sara's Pokemon had tired themselves out and were resting in their pokeballs. Selena was excited, "So where are we going first?!"

Sara sighed, "We are going to Rustboro, to see the first gym leader." She was somewhat excited to see her mother, and more specifically to show her Orrie and Poliwag. "That's where my mother lives."

Selena smilled and they continued walking, Selena cooing and baby-speaking Nincada. Sara felt a rather sickening feeling though. Something she felt, but wasn't sure of. "Have you ever been into the city?"

"No, my mother and I have always stayed in the woods. She says it's much safer there." Sara thought about how dangerous Orre was, and to be honest Rustboro seemed relatively safe.

"Well I suppose that is true." She said. They began exiting the forest, and as they got out, Sara's heart skipped a beat. Ahead of her, there stood the decimated city of Rustboro. Selena stopped her cooing and looked as well. "No, no, no." Sara panted.

"Maybe they--" But Sara already took off, Selena watched as Sara ran away toward the city. "Sara wait!" She yelled.

But Sara ignored her, faster and faster. "Please no." She cried. Sara's eyes were red, blurry, and stinging. When she got to her mothers apartment building she dropped to her knees. The whole building was collapsed, and since her mother never left the building, there was no way she survived. She began throwing rubble away, digging at the debris, cutting her hand on glass from windows and heirlooms.

Selena stood over her, "Sara..." She said softly, "You're going to hurt yourself..." But the vain words never reached Sara. Blood was dripping out of the cuts on her hands, while tears did little to wash it off the concrete. Selena put her arm over Sara's shoulders, and lifted her up. She turned Sara toward her, with sympathy in her eyes and looked at Sara's face.

Sara looked hopeless, her eyes were glossy and empty. Tear streaks ran down her face, and dirt and debris had found its home caked into them. Sara cried so much that she could barely breathe.

As far as Sara was concerned, she was now an orphan.
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