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    Eli - Rusturf Tunnel

    As parents and children reunited, and returned to their homes to find whatever belongings of theirs may still exist, the residents of the Pokémon Center took to caring for any trainers they could and taking over for Roxanne in explaining what had happened to the girl oddly dressed like a Bisharp. No way was she just wandering around with her Burst. Meanwhile, Roxanne and Eli ventured out east toward Rusturf Tunnel. Their walk was uninterrupted, but it was disconcerting that all the Pokemon were hiding... except for one.

    There was a Combusken being carried back to the remains of the town on a bulky trainer's back. Both of them were injured, but the Combusken definitely had it worse.

    "Tobias, even you?"

    "Sorry, Roxanne. I don't think any of us got a shot agains' Burst Warriors, much less just Torch here." Built like a Machoke with a "down home" accent, Tobias only managed to choke out his failure. Losing must have hurt his pride more than his body. "They're looking for the Compass. I don't know if anything'll stop 'em."


    "We'll do whatever we can. Find Nurse Joy so you can take care of Torch. She should be getting out of the gym."

    After Tobias left, Eli turned to Roxanne and asked, "We?"

    "Of course. You don't seem like the kind of person that would just run from trouble if someone told you to." Neither of them seemed to notice the brief flashing that came from Eli's pocket.

    "Alright, we got it. Let's clear ou—"

    "Graveler, Rollout!" The bird-man was bowled over alongside his three weary, fully-human cohorts. Only the former had recovered as if nothing happened, though, the grunts barely supporting themselves with their shovels.

    "Abby, Icy Wind!" And... down fell the grunts, their shovels snapping beneath them. The Braviary-wielding warrior just shrugged off the chill, thin layers of ice snapping off his arms and chest.

    Clutching a large hex-shaped relic between his feet, Arlu freed his wing-arms to start blowing a whirlwind at the slightly bigger opposition in front of him than what he'd previously dealt with. Graveler didn't budge, but Eli's Cubchoo was blown back into her arms before being put back in her Pokéball.

    "Come on! Hit me with your best shot, Roxy!" In response, Roxanne threw out two more Pokéballs with a Geodude and a Golem, and her battle trio gave Arlu their best Rock Blast. Eli called out Scyther and Vex for support, firing at will on Arlu with Ember and Vacuum Wave. Although he stood his ground (figuratively, of course) for the most part, Arlu was pushed over toward Verdanturf's side of the tunnel and actually sustained some damage. Before he could get back or even get away through the end he was on, though, Roxanne tossed another Pokéball containing a Steelix, commanding it to use Rock Slide and cave them in.


    "Aw, planning to keep me here? Gotta do better than that." Revealing the Burst Heart he'd stolen from the city, his wings and legs turned into metal armor, and his hands and feet became large silver claws. The feathers across Arlu's body molted, replaced by a massive metal cross over his chest and a blue helmet over his now-red eyes. Pounding his fists together, he exclaimed, "Let's go!"

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