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SCYKE ICK - Route 101/Odale Town

The Pokeball stopped shaking, and the circle button dinged. Simultaneously the clouds above cleared away and the previous beaming sunlight returned, making sure that the temporary snow melted in a speedy manner. Scyke and Zap looked up in realization before Scyke looked down and picked up Snover's Pokeball.

"So it was you who brought that hail down here!" Scyke grinned, talking to the Snover inside. "You and Pikachu must be tired after that heated battle. Professor Birch told me that Oldale Town was nearby and had a Pokemon Centre; better pop over there then!" Attaching Snover to his belt and letting Zap climb on to his shoulder, Scyke resumed brushing past the tall grass in Route 101, making sure not to encounter a wild Pokemon. A bug-catcher who had seen the instant weather change twice and watched Scyke's catch came running to Scyke. "Man, I saw that first hand! You stopped the hail all by yourself!" The bug-catcher was much younger than Scyke, around ten years old. Scyke quickly turned red and started scratching his head. “Hey, that was nothing, I am a trainer after all!” Suddenly the kid’s eyes started gleaming with awe, “YOU’RE A TRAINER?! Maaan, then I bet you met Professor Birch! That’s sooo freaking cool!” The kid turned around and called out to his other friends, who were recovering from the flash of cold. “I’VE FOUND A TRAINER! SAM, TYRE, POPPY!! I’VE FOUND THE GUY WHO STOPPED THE SNOW!”

Reacting to the noise, three other kids started rushing towards Scyke and started congratulating and such. This made Scyke even more embarrassed and his cheeks were nearly as red as Pikachu’s. Zap laughed at his trainer’s humbleness; he found Scyke to be easily likable. The kids introduced themselves – the two boys were the bug-catcher Ben and youngster Tyre, while the two girls were Poppy and Samantha; Sam for short. After the greetings and everything else, the Tyre kid started acting tough and called out to Scyke, “I may be thankful to you for stopping the hail, but I’m not sure if you really are that strong. After all,” the boy smirked and pointed directly at Zap, “that Pikachu looks like it just came out of its nappies! So let me challenge you to a battle and test your powers for real – after all, I’ve a very, very strong Pokemon with me.” Tyre finished off his speech with a little evil laugh.

Zap looked surprised by the sudden challenge towards him. Scyke just laughed. “Kid, I feel like you are wearing a nappy under those shorts!” Tyre started fuming at that last comment and Ben had to hold him back, “And I would accept your challenge, but both of my Pokemon did just come out a battle, and so are both tired, so I will sadly have to decline for now.” Tyre stopped himself and smirked at Scyke. “Well, a good trainer would always have a Potion or something for situations like this, wouldn’t they?” Before Scyke could respond, Tyre quickly added, “Anyway, I know a quick route to the next town and that town has a PokeCentre; you can heal your Pikachu there and we can battle near the outside of Route 101. Like I said, I’ve a very good Pokemon with me!”

Scyke liked the sound of that. This way he could heal both of his Pokemon quickly and battle this kid too. “Aight, challenge accepted then! Lead me to Oldale and we’ll figure something out there.” Tyre grinned; his friends let out a sigh. They all headed for Oldale Town.
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