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    Giovanni Luca and the Pooch of Awesomeness's Beginning
    Gio frowned as he stood up and rubbed his head. The Poochyena had attacked him! That wasn't the worst part though! He was snarling an AUDIOSLAVE tune! The very thought made Gio sick to his stomach. He would have to change his point of view later. "Thank you uhh...Mr. Birch?"

    The older man smiled and nodded, then walked over to the pokeball and picked it up. "That's right. You must be Giovanni. Luca was it?"

    Gio nodded. "Call me Gio."

    "Well, Gio, why did this Poochyena attack you?"

    "I was walking along, like a good boy," He wanted to make sure that the proffesor got that he was heart anyways. "And it attacked me!" The proffesor handed him the pokeball, which he quickly placed in a loop in his belt. "Thank you for saving me and stuff." He didn't like saying thank you, but he knew it was polite.

    "Excellent. Now come with me." Birch disappeared into his lab, and Gio quickly followed. When he entered the door, a blast of cold air hit him. He pretended not to notice it and followed the professor to the back. He was holding five small pokeballs in one hand, and a pokedex in the other. "As you know, I'm a renowned pokemon professor. I have too many things to do, so I want you to take this pokedex and fill it with information for every pokemon there is."


    "EVERY." Birch interrupted sharply.

    "Yes sir." Giovanni took the pokeballs and pokedex, then nodded in respect. He walked out of the building and put his headphones over his ears. His pokemon journey had just begun.
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