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    Rick Cache - Some dumb Shroomish, or something. Not nearly as important as the misfortune about to befall Gio.

    Poor Shroomish had lost its master. However, it seems to be willing to follow this talkative trainer around. Sadly, his former master seems to have lost the Pokéball, and without it Rick can't truly call Shroomish his own. Maybe he'll find it lying around somewhere, or even in a nest full of Dustox.

    Gio Luca -

    Gio's journey has just begun, and it sure promises to be something for the records! Excitement fills the air as all wild Pokemon ready themselves for upcoming battles... One of them doing an additional and quite particular effort...

    ♪Slow ride...♪

    Music plays in the background, unnoticed as the inevitable is coming closer...


    Dear lord... Could it be? ... It's a Lotad! And not any Lotad... THE Lotad! Y'know, THE Lotad Forrest faced in the earliest part of his journey! It has been informed of some punk that thinks metal is better than audioslave, and is sure gonna set his beliefs over Gio's... whatever the cost may be...

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    • Razor Leaf
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    • Frenzy Plant

    "TAD!" The Pokemon cries, his cool-kid sunglasses reflecting not only light, but also his confidence. He's not gonna go down with ANY ease! And the rain that's beginning to fall just backs what I stated...

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