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Name: Isaac Aristos
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Isaac's personality has undergone massive changes during the time he spent attending to the... needs of his family. As an adolescent he was a rogue with passion and guts but with respect for innocent lives; now he has developed into a selfish and arrogant assassin, disregarding the discipline his family had taught him. He holds his talent above people's heads and is utterly convinced that he is right and knows what's best to accomplish the task he is given. Isaac is cunning, ruthless, and stubborn; he never gives up and will do anything to secure his success - be it a mission or an argument.
An accurate characterization from the scope of his family would be "dedicated, determined, and deadly". He is serious and focused, but that is merely because he was raised to be like that. Although his attitude provokes others to see him as coldhearted, he believes that helping people by any means possible is his job, not only his choice. This is because once he was deemed worthy of being called 'Aristos'; he was entrusted with the family's ideals, goals, and dreams of a peaceful world that would prosper - all of those things naturally passed down to him.

Isaac is silent; he speaks fasts and only when required to - sadly, it takes a lot of effort to get close to him because he prefers to be alone and doesn't enjoy the presence of others. He is loyal to those who he considers friends and would gladly work with people that would help his cause. Still, he does not let anyone know what he is fighting for - resulting in many people considering him a brutal killer that hungers for gold and personal glory, a coward for wearing the grey cloak and the hood. In truth, though, he is sensitive and strives for the better world of his dream, claiming that small sacrifices for preserving the free will of man are required and cannot be avoided by any means. He is particularly disgusted by the abuse of power and contemplates assassinating those responsible for the people's grief, and he will viciously do so.
Due to the time he has spent doing this job, Isaac has developed in a truly skilled observer - a patient, talented and calculating assassin - but he has also become defiant towards his employers. He takes great pride in assassination and always seeks new ways of practicing it.

He does not naturally trust people, as he considers them "as foolish as vegetables and as blind as lambs." Little people have gotten to know him fully, and those people would characterize him as a delicate soul with no temper at all- someone who is driven solely by the sense of the greater good and devoted and faithful to his cause. They also describe him as a "realist" and a "cynical person," which contrast his dream of a united world, impossible as it seems.

As for Isaac's battling style, it is rather unique; he is extremely agile and fast, despite wearing a cloak. He considers those who engage in a fight with him already dead; he will ignore any pleadings for mercy. He believes in the phrase his uncle told him over and over again: "No quarter for the wicked." Since those opposing him are the enemies of his vision, he will have to kill them. He claims death is a casual part of his job, and that he has gotten used to it, although he would prefer to avoid staining his blade.
Despite being remarkably intelligent and capable of strategic approaches on his victims, he prefers to use surprising, brutal force against them.


If Isaac were to remove his hood, one would see a toughened face with round cheeks, a nose with a perfect shape, no facial hair at all, deep dark blue eyes, and dense, short, black hair. Normally, all one can see from his expressions is his smile, if they are extremely lucky, and some of his usual frown. Isaac's body is well built; his body structure is particularly flexible and muscled, allowing him to run very fast, do spectacular acrobatics (when he is not wearing his armor) and also perform what we call 'free running'.

Those who look at Isaac, they see a hooded traveler with peculiar clothes standing at 6'2''. He is wearing a dark grey cloak with a hood, a giant belt with two layers of 'flags' that race down his cloak, leather gloves and boots. On his left shoulder hangs a white fur, accompanied with a grey cape that barely covers his entire hand and back; his belt bears the blazon of Aristos family (a leaf) on its center, has a small bag containing his belongings on the back and multiple sockets for his knives on each side.
Two shoulderpads on top of each other protect his right shoulder; they are made from light, shiny plate, like the rest of his armor - chestguard, vambraces and greaves, all with dragon-like patterns on them.




Isaac Aristos was born into a mercantile family of Perinth which resided in Calis city, but he was sent away to the forest with his uncle at a very early age. Basically, from his childhood, he does not remember his family, but only a green and peaceful resort and an old man: uncle Phylax. Phylax raised Isaac as he was his own son; he taught him how to write, read, and draw. As he grew up, Isaac proved to be very athletic; he would run around the forest, catch small animals using only his hands, climb up to the tallest of trees to enjoy the view of the nearby mountains, and race with the wolves, whom were surprisingly friendly towards him.
When Isaac reached ten years old, Phylax started teaching him all he could about the world: magic, alchemy, geography, anatomy and politics. He spoke to him about the secret of the Aristos family; they were assasins dedicated to preserving the free will of the people of Calis and also protecting them from the economic conspiracies of their merchant enemies.
Isaac had no trouble believing that, as his understanding of the world was limited due to the isolated life in the forest. He trusted his uncle more than himself; he was always admiring his uncle's knowledge and might. Phylax, knowing he could speak freely with his nephew, told him that the family had sent him into the forest for training purposes. Surprisingly, the word "parents" did not mean anything to Isaac, so he was not curious at all to see his parents. They were simply strangers to him; he had absolutely no feelings for them.

As Isaac grew up even more, he had mastered the forest; he was as silent as his friends, whom were the animals that lived in that forest. His uncle saw his potential as a dedicated hunter, but he decided to set him into another direction: the one of the fighter. He started practicing sword fighting with Isaac, aiming to pass down all of the martial arts he knew to his nephew. Isaac showed great talent with the blade; he excelled so much. His uncle was unable to keep up with him after two years. During this time his mentor started teaching him the art of assassination as well. At age seventeen Isaac was ready to take his first task. Meanwhile, his family had deceased, leaving Isaac and his uncle the last Aristos' alive.
Phylax sent him at a friend's house in Calis, where he would be assigned with his first job: two salt merchants planning something which Isaac never understood. He was successful anyway, assassinating the merchants. He caused too much fuss when he killed them in public, though; when he returned to the small, wooden house he was living all these years, he found his uncle brutally murdered with a note that claimed the Aristos' should never mess with the Ancelotti merchant family.

Isaac, angered by the murder of his mentor, took the vendetta personally and moved to the majestic palace in Calis that was rightfully his. From there, he tracked down all of the relatives of both the merchants, whom appeared to be brothers, and then started assassinating them one by one. The whole family of Ancelottis left Calis after Isaac had taken down 4 of them; he had learned that none of those he had killed were responsible for his uncle's death. He gave chase to Sinope Lake through the desert of Gerasa until, finally, motivated by his vengeful intentions, he caught up to them in the Asturican Mountains, where he forced them to fight him. Only when he killed everyone, he settled down, wounded and amongst the dead bodies of his enemies.

He was extremely lucky to be found by an old woman whom was living nearby whom took care of him. She believed he belonged to the group of dead travelers that were assaulted by thieves; Isaac did not let her know he was the murderer of them all. He simply asked how to go to Ticinum, thinking that was a suitable place to find a job. The old woman informed him of a way through the mountains and the swamp.
When Isaac reached Ticinum, he was surprised to find it even worse than he ever expected. The citizens were as sinister and dark as the city itself, which was covered in smog; Isaac deemed this as the perfect environment for him
. He proved more than capable of dealing with the rogues and thieves. Eventually, he claimed an abandoned house as his hideout and settled down there. He planned his well-paid schemes in that hideout; his income every week was massive but cared little about that. Ticinum was very "busy" for his taste, as he was used to living the peaceful life in the forest.
He needed to set his mind in one place; the need for revenge for his dead uncle had clouded his thoughts of a better world. Now, his dreams had begun rising up in the surface again, and he realized that assassinating criminals would not be enough. S
o he came to the great decision to become a mercenary.

Legend: No legend.

Strength - 15
Dexterity - 18
Constitution - 13
Intelligence - 13
Wisdom - 12
Charisma - 8

Major Edge Weapon Mastery
Isaac wields either a light shortsword or a dagger.
Minor Swiftness
Dexterity + 1
Talent: Animal Taming/Skinning
Knowledge about Anatomy;

Roleplay Sample:
*Thanatos' memories, from the RP 'War Between Pokemon & Humans'


The sun was brimming above the eternal sands of the desert, the wind was blowing stronger and stronger as the hours passed. The Pokemon in the area disappeared, sensing the sandstorm coming, but yet, there was someone left out there - a Reuniclus was floating alone above the sand, seemingly unaffected by the hot sun that was falling right into his gel. At first sight, he looked like a normal Reuniclus, a gel giant Pokemon with a jolly face. But there was something terrifying about him - the jewels on his hands were glowing an ominous blue when it was dark, same as his blue eyes, which seemed to be burning with power, and his smile was nowhere near "jolly". Those who knew his father, could easily tell the resemblance was scary, even though he was innocent as a youngling. Now an evil smile made from little sharp teeth raced across his face, which was covered by a mighty expression imbued with his passion for power.

I can't wait for this little.. meeting.

His psychic voice echoed in the wastes, the shards of insanity in it completly obvious. He was a sinister figure of extreme power amongst his Pokemon fellows, going by the name Fleet Commander Thanatos Hannibal. It was as if he was just wandering in the desert, having lost his mind, but it was nothing like that.
Although the sandstorm and the night caught up to him, Thanatos continued floating like a ghost of the desert, seemingly unaffected and deadly patient - hours passed, the sandstorm settled down and the vast night sky, full of stars, with the moon somehow calmed down Thanatos' spirit. But just then, it all went black. Thanatos' jewels were glowing in the darkness, lighting up his ever lasting smile.

Why don't you show yourself? I know what you want.

A different kind of wind blew this time, a wind that had nothing to do with the desert. It was the wind of evil itself; a dark figure appeared in the darkness in front of Thanatos.

"Rumble owes me."

The Reuniclus stared at Darkrai intently with his blue eyes, not losing his expression. After a brief moment, his voice boomed in the darkness.

"I'm on my way. You'll eventually get what you want."

Darkrai laughed, Thanatos half shut his eyes, maintaining his smile as the evil spoke.

"But you will get what you want as well. I would never think you are doing this voluntarily."

The psychic Pokemon resumed his gravitional walk, headed towards the Darkrai who did not move one bit. Thanatos thought this Pokemon was far more powerful than he looked as he reached close to him.

"Why don't you kindly step out of my way?"

He said with his usual blatant manners, sarcasm dripping from his voice. Darkrai stood firm, facing the Reuniclus.

"There's one more thing, Commander."

"And what would that be?"

"You might want to be careful. I don't want to lose you."

"That sounded more sensitive than you usually are, Darkrai."

"I have my moments."

And they laughed in the darkness like old friends or war allies to be more precise. But the moment then vanished like a dream. The moon was still on the night sky, the gentle wind was blowing and now Thanatos was able to see the mountains of the southern area of the desert.


Thanatos reached the southernmost area of the desert, where he had detected something strange. A steel door in the middle of nowhere? How come?

He snapped his fingers and the mechanism of the lock was covered in a white flame which eventually covered the door, melting it - the Reuniclus levitated inside the mountain without looking back. There was a dark tunnel behind the door, the jewels on his hands glowed in the darkness once again, permitting him to see where he was going. His senses outstretched as he was ready for anything - he did not let his feelings cloud his judgement, keeping his mind clear, ready to blow up anything that moved.
He came across another steel door which melted as soon as Thanatos did his trick again. There were steel stairs in the next room which was dark as well, but a source of light was brimming from above; Thanatos looked up, the light falling onto his green gel and his great, white smile. The scene was horrific, yet simple - a Reuniclus standing in a dark room, being bathed in some kind of weird light.
Thanatos started levitating up the stairs, only to see another steel door at the top, which melted instanly. He could feel his tension and adrenaline in his blood as he walked inside what appeared to be a laboratory carved in the mountain.
He examined various machines based on human technology, machines made especially for killing. Then he detected the source of light; a simple lamp on a desk was sheding its light on the dark lab. Thanatos approached the desk to look at the papers when he finally sensed a strong spirit nearby. He suddenly turned around to see his father levitating softly in the air - another Reuniclus. His son looked exactly like him, but his father had something entirely different on him: human guns implemented onto his body. Thanatos once admired him for his harsh battles with the humans, and idolized him; the dream of carrying on with the legend of his father had helped Thanatos become who he was.

"Hello, Rumble."

"I expected you would be coming."

Their psychic voices sounded metallic, reflecting on the walls of the laboratory. The tension in the air was extreme - both hearts were pounding fast, but Rumble's heart was way weaker. Thanatos examined the human weapons on his father's gel. On his left hand, there was a flamethrower with its tip extended out of the green maze of his body - and on his right hand, he was wearing a mechanical glove with three huge steel claws; he had heard the glove was able of extending dangerously, but he didn't worry about it one bit.

"I see you haven't changed your weapons in all those years. Why?"

Rumble's amber eyes flashed oddly in the darkness as an evil grin appeared on his face, the grin which looked exactly like Thanatos'. He could remember that grin from his childhood, when Rumble was training him to become the weapon he is now.

"They remind me of the greatest adventure of my life, the first war."

"Speaking of your greatest adventure of your life, somebody says you owe him something."

Thanatos let his anger consume his soul as he approached his father, having lost his grin now - only hatred could be seen in his scary face. Rumble simply frowned.

"Yes, I promised him human lives in exchange for mine."

"I guess you failed then."

Rumble's eyes widened in surprise, losing his grin. Now Thanatos was standing next to him, knowing what was going in his father's mind. His metallic voice started breaking, signaling the fall of a legend.

"I have not failed! You were supposed to succeed for me! YOU were supposed to kill as many as you could, that was my deal with Darkrai!"

"So you admit I was raised only to be a weapon?"

Thanatos' felt his anger overflowing as his childhood was falling apart in front of him - but he wasn't sad at all. He did not regret who he was. Rumble remained silent as Thanatos grabbed his father shoulder and channeled his psychic power.

"What are you doing?"

"Succeeding you."

The invisible psychic explosion Thanatos created drilled through his father's mind, killing him instanly. Rumble's body fell onto the floor heavy with a nasty sound, Thanatos staring at his father from above, with his ominous blue eyes burning with the power he just used.

"I am sorry. I'm not a man of last words, father."

It was then when the room went pitch black, Darkrai appearing next to the dead body. He was smiling.

"Well done, Thanatos. Well done."

"Nobody uses me."

Thanatos' words sounded strange. Darkrai knew he was insane, but what was terrifying wad that Thanatos knew that as well.
Thanatos turned his back to Darkrai to stare at his father's lab; Darkrai crossed his arms.

"Am I free now?"

".. you are free."
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