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Justine Granger

Day 1: Episode 1
"Stay back, Cameron, this is my new day!"

Justine's eyes opened and a yawn escaped her. It was morning and her bedside alarm clock beeped. She sat up, putting her hands on her face, hair cascading on either side of her. Her dog, Roscoe, sat up from his favorite, red rug and made an uneasy noise. He didn't like the alarm clock at all. She rubbed her eyes and yawned again, reaching over to the clock without looking and clicking it off. Roscoe stood onto his feet and walked off of his rug, claws clicking against the wood floor. He stopped by the door and looked at Justine expectantly like he did every morning. He wanted her to open the door so they could both go outside so he could pee. She turned her head to that familiar look.

"You know what time it is, Roscoe?" She asked him. He made a slight wag of his tail from the mention of his name. His ears went back, expression unchanging and not moving save for a shift on his feet. "No, not just pee time." Roscoes tail wagged again at the mention peeing. "It's time to wake up and get ready for our new day." She smiled, still tired, and reached over to pet his head. Roscoe made another noise and went to the bed, resting his head on it like a rock and looking up at her wantingly. "Yeah, yeah, I know." Justine got out of bed, which made him extremely happy, and went onward to take him outside. She wore powder blue pajama pants with light purple clouds on them and a powder blue tank top. He hair rested on her shoulders untamed for the morning. Once outside, she took a deep breath of the morning air and stared out at the world behind their house. It was hardly anything, just a short dip before it expanded far, far, back into a landscape of short, green grass that faded away in the morning mist. Her home was one of the ones in the very back of Pallet Town. It took a little longer to get placed, but you didn't have another person's house blocking your sight.

As she did every time she had stepped out here for the past month, she mused over her coming events. Today, she would be on the road to becoming the league champion. Again, she tried to imagine the journey, the work, the people, and above all, the victory. She was excited for it, but she dreaded it at the same time. With all good things came bad things. She didn't want the bad things to come. She hoped none of that would come with who she'd be training with as well. She knew the names of the four trainers and what they looked like. What they couldn't get off Facedex she got from a quick internet search, from nosey newscasters who had an almost disturbing amount of information, and whatever else she could find. Being this suddenly famous was overwhelming and the publicity was scary sometimes. You had people asking for interviews and even creepier people asking for everything else. You'd be surprised how many Justine Granger's or Fred Sone's or Angie Bane's popped up. What was even worse was the results you could get from an image search. She felt like she'd seen every picture of Riku Kimura in existence. Seeing her own past pageant and school pictures made her shudder. Justine quickly shut these thoughts out. They would only make her thoughts worse. She couldn't help but have a little flutter of it leak in. How many people would already know them when they walked into a store? Or another town? Or anywhere? How often would they find pictures taken by hidden people of them exploring or battling? They did it to normal celebrities all the time so why would they be any different? Justine looked around her backyard, feeling a lens on her back. They very well could be doing it right now.

"Roscoe!" Justine called to her dog who by now had been sniffing at the ground where he and probably various other animals had also peed. When he heard his name he lefted his head and ran to her, going into the house as soon as the glass door opened. Justine took a nervous glance over her shoulder, imagining a lurking figure with a camera, now frowning about her leaving before he could take the next picture. She shook her head and rushed back to her room and out of sight of the glass door, making an effort to push these thoughts down. She wouldn't let this ruin her. Photographers, stay back, this was her new day.

Showering, changing, and freshening, Justine was ready in a few hours time for her new day. Today she wore a powder-blue shirt and opted on Capri pants instead of shorts. Her brown sandals, as always, looked fantastic. Her father had brought her a large back pack (her mother argued for a suitcase, but decided to stubbornly agree when her father put forth how inconvenient a heavy suitcase would be on a Pokemon journey) where he stored water, food, and any thing that she could possibly need and want that could fit. As you can imagine, it was full to the brim and he even got her a black fanny pack for emergency supplies. Of course she absolutely had to wear it. Her father would have had a heart attack if she went without it. So with a heavy backpack and an unappealing fanny pack, Justine, her family, and their dog packed into the car and headed towards the famous Doctor Oak's laboratory, which was really just the academy. The ride was not in solemn silence, it was filled with worries and a check list. Got your clothes? Check. Water? Check. Band-aids? Yes. Camera? Uh-huh. Cell phone? You're kidding, right? Flashlight? Yes. Rubbing alcohol?

"Dad! We did this three times before we left, I'm sure I have everything."

"You know your father's just worried, Justine," her mother said to her. Justine sighed and smiled.

"I know." The ride to the academy was shorter than it had ever been. It felt like they had gotten there in seconds. School had started an hour and a half ago, but because of their journey, the five students were allowed later attendance. Getting out of the car and into the school wasn't as easy as it seemed. Everyone had to have two hugs and a kisses, even Roscoe, and they had to fight her father to keep him in the car and not in the school.

"She can do this part by herself, can't she, Jim?" Her father sighed and agreed half-heartedly.

"If anything happens, call us. We'll be down there in a second," he told her seriously, as if wild Pokemon would burst into the building and attack them before the journey even started.

"Yeah, Dad. Of course." With one last round of hugs and kisses and goodbyes and item checks, Justine was allowed into the school. She knew where the lab was, but apart of her wished she didn't. Navigating easier and faster than she may have liked, she made it to the lab in no time. She always wondered what could be in here and now she'd finally find out. After a deep breath for preparation to took out her card and swiped it through, unlocking the door. When she stepped inside the lab she saw the marble floor and computers and scuff marks and signs of activity. It was much less dynamic than her mind and the mind's of the other kids in the school had made it. It was still interesting, however. One wheelchair, two greetings, and a few steps later she was brought into the doctor's office. There already was Riku Kimura. She knew because she'd seen enough pictures to know by now. Unlike with Justine, this school wasn't the only one Riku had seen. He'd moved here from another, but she didn't know why. She didn't want to pry as deeply as the people who took the time to find his school records. Out of the four people here, she was the most nervous to be around him. For one reason or another she'd gotten the impression that he'd be a serious student that took little nonsense and would, frankly, not like her. She was hoping that would be the opposite but... Like she had told herself earlier. Every good comes with bad and Riku just may be bad number one.
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