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    This project was developed using RMXP (Rpg Maker XP) it is not, nor will it ever be a ROM Hack, you've come to the wrong neighborhood if you're looking for Hacks. Thank you, have a nice day.

    Tools used to develop this:
    • Rpg Maker XP
    • Fl Studio
    • Paint

    Hello, My name is Nintendork15, you may know me from my previous fan game Pokémon Corruption (Not the one being worked on by Hansiec). Unfortunately in the Summer of 2012, My USB stick died, and I lost all the data for it, so I got annoyed and gave it up. A few weeks later I started brainstorming while catching Deoxys on Emerald. It made me think how Deoxys never had it's own back story, So I've decided to give it one of my own, without further edu I give to you, Pokémon Eon Version!


    Many years ago, science was being put to the test again, to see what Pokémon are out there, in space, where man is yet to explore. While researching this, a meteor coincidentally landed in the Septi region, and out came Deoxys, this is no ordinary Deoxys though, this Deoxys was 100% Pure, unaltered by any meteors, and most of all, disloyal to humans of any kind. Pure Deoxys ravaged the land, attacking every and anything it could find, this went on for months on end, till it was sealed in a space capsule, and fired back into space, deep space, where it could never find it's way back to earth due to the darkness of space...

    Many legends tell of the two Eon Dragons paths one day crossing,
    creating a large bright shine able to reach the darkest corners of space,
    waking any dangers that lay there allowing it to find our World with great ease.
    But it's just a tale... right?

    Happy birthday!! Or not ... after waking up on your big 1-0 day! You find, no one home. Just a mere shopping list onto which you should go to the local mart for. Upon doing so you find the local Professor Bark, A young new Professor, who's head researcher of ancient Pokémon legends and mythios. Seeing as it's your birthday and you've been ditched by family and friends, she takes you back to here lab and offers you one of three Pokémon. After receiving you, you take the shopping home and ... ... SURPRISE!! You're parents have done it again! another successful birthday party, the hero is smothered with gifts, such as his own PokéDex a pair of running shoes, and a ticket to see the World Championship tournament.

    After a day of festivities and happiness, you reside to bed and await the morning, but in the night, a thief has broken in, only to steal your ticket to the tournament. In the morning you find out, telling your mum who knows nothing much is to be done. Prof Bark suggests walking there, with your Pokemon, as it would be a wonderful experience with your new Pokemon and you can train along the way, your mother agrees and allows you to be sent on your way. And you head off, in to the large world of Pokemon.


    The region of Septi is a beautiful region with deserts, snowlands, lakes rivers and forests. Everything you could wish for when living here, The region was once boosted up by science, the knowledge of scientist across the country were put to the test to achieve such perfect nature and balance.
    • Explore the new Region of Septi!
    • Discover the orignality of Deoxys
    • Compete agaisnt Trainers Worldwide.
    • All new Pause Menu
    • Listen to the PokéTune on your travels
    • Easy to use Battle Menu.
    • A few unique gym types, such as Multi-Type and Stat Based Types(Speed, Attack, ETC)

    Atlas Of the Septi Region:

    1:Kimuné Town A: Kimuné Train Station
    2:Railen Town 3: Cargen City 4:Neowing City
    B:Shadow Carverns 5:Rusallic City 6: Skydale City
    7: Sandbur Town D: Scorchio Desert/Lost Tower E/F: Azure Lake/DNA Caverns
    8: Miafora Village G: Emerald Cave 9: Silverblade City
    10: Decklan Village 11: Hyroda City R: Demon's Peak
    S: Saru Woods 12: Thorinus City 13: SCarlet Gate
    14: Scarlet Hill 15: Pokémon Castle U: ??


    Everything I've done up till the date: 13Apr2013


    Name: You.
    Class: Player
    Age: 14

    Name: Axel
    Class: Rival
    Age: 11
    The Player's Rival and childhood friend, roughly the same age, and lives in the same town. He's not too interested in the PWT as much as you, he's travelling to challenge the Gyms.

    Name: Varion
    Class: Rival
    Age: ?
    A strange boy you encounter on Route 52, after stopping Lord M in Tomusa City, it's uncertain what his thoughts and plans are, but a bit strange he pops up after Team X leave...

    Name: Lord M
    Class: Leader of Team X
    Age: ?
    A man who claims to be here for the means of Science. Highly curious about the true potential of Legendary Pokémon. Leading the criminal gang of Team X, he possesses the ability to get away with alot. People claim to have seen him for years and years, but he always remains the same age.

    Name: Jacob
    Class: Champion
    Age: 17
    Info: The champion of Septi since 2005. He's the most powerful trainer in the entire region, no one has beaten him since he started his journey 8 years ago, he's very rarely seen out though.



    Kimune Town Theme

    Wild Battle Theme

    Things to note:
    Beta 1 isn't to far off, though a couple things shan't be included yet, due to lack of progress on them such as:
    • PokéTune and Battle Key Item are not yet functional, and are not present.
    • The cursor does not move on the world map
    • Songs are not looped properly.

    Catchable Legendaries:


    Beta 1:

    Regice: Shadow Carvens BF3

    Beta 2:

    Regice: Shadow Carvens BF3
    Regirock: Desert Tower 7F
    Registeel: Azure Ruins 1F
    Entei: Demon Reach B1F
    Suicine: Ocean Torrent
    Rakiuo: Power Plant 2F

    Full Release:

    Regice: Shadow Carvens BF3
    Regirock: Desert Tower 7F
    Registeel: Azure Ruins 1F
    Entei: Demon Reach B1F
    Suicine: Ocean Torrent
    Rakiuo: Power Plant 2F
    Latias: Random
    Latios: Random
    Deoxys: Azure Peak
    Jirachi: Moon
    Zapdos: Random
    Moltres: Random
    Articuno: Random
    Mewtwo: X base
    Mew: Faraway Forest
    Celebi: Ilex Forest
    Ho-Oh Navel Rock Peak
    Lugia: Navel Rock Steep
    Shaderain: Hall of Creation
    X[nameless X mascot] : X Forest
    Y[Nameless Y mascot] : Mt. Y


    Q: Is there gonna be a touch screen?
    A: No. But there is mouse input, in the pause menu and Battle system.

    Q: Are you gonna change the pause menu and battle system any more to suit [your random reason here]?
    A: I'm not sure, I'm planning on getting help to move the battle system a bit, so the HP bar is not under the menu, and the Enemy isn't either.

    Updated Credits:

    Niknaks - World Map
    VS Sequence - Luka S.J
    Pokemondiamond - Tiles
    HML - Tiles
    Epicday - Tiles
    Blaid - Tiles
    Thegreatblaid - Tiles
    N-kin - Tiles
    Help14 - Pokémon OVerworlds
    Rayd12smitty - Helping me with scripts
    zingzang - Following Script
    Carmaniac - Pause Menu
    I-Like-Shiny-Pichu - Pause Menu
    SSJSonic4 - Music
    JillSandwich - Music
    Thorn - Character Concept
    Maruno, Poccil, Flameguru - Essentials
    Rainsky - Character Base
    Luka S.J - Mouse Input
    Nintendo, Gamefreak - Pokémon
    Pia Carrot - Helping someway or another

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