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    A/N: Here comes Chapter 2. Ryu is venturing through the forest, what will he find? Read on if you want to find out :)

    Chapter 2:

    A Fateful Meeting

    The sun rose brightly on Johanna's house as it was now morning.

    Ryu had slept soundly and was ready to tackle today with a new found motivation he had obtained after hearing about this chance to find out who he was. Johanna had packed a backpack for him, which was filled with delicious snacks and sweets that could keep him going. She also gave him a map of Sinnoh, which contained all of the routes and dangers that lied ahead before he reached Sandgem town.

    She was hesitant to let him go into the woods by himself, but Ryu eased her mind and told her that he would be extremely careful. Ryu thanked her multiple times for the necessities before stepping out of the front door.

    "Wait Ryu" she exclaimed as he was walking. Ryu turned around and expected another back pack of some sort, but was taken by surprise when he noticed her close proximity, which was then followed by a motherly embrace.

    "If you ever feel lost or troubled on what to do, there is always a place here that welcomes you" she whispered into his ear. Johanna had felt like Ryu was a son she never had even though she had only recently met him. He reminded her so much of her daughter. This had touched Ryu's heart. This feeling of security and warmness were all new to Ryu. He was wordless. It was different from last night, when he hugged her out of excitement, this hug felt more special. Not only did she give him a place in her home, but she also treated him as if he were her own child.

    Ryu was indebted to her, and one day would definitely pay back that debt.

    "Thanks for everything Ma'am" he began as he withdrew himself from the hug and turned around. "I'll be off now"

    Ryu began walking along the front steps of the house, and was about to leave, but heard a familiar growl from the cat.

    "Nya…" she purred softly as she saw Ryu walk away. Ryu looked at her and locked eyes with the gray cat that had her eyes lids slightly down. It didn't take a genius to realize that Glameow had grown attached to Ryu in a cruel sort of way. He noted that even though they were minor enemies, he was going to miss arguing with her and playing with that fluffy tail.

    The same thought went through Johanna's head; Glameow wasn't usually one to show emotions to strangers so quickly, meaning that she must have really taken a liking to Ryu.

    Ryu walked towards her and bent down. He placed a hand over Glameow's head and rubbed it affectionately. Glameow looked up and gazed at Ryu who had a huge grin on his face

    "Hey, don't be upset. I'll definitely come back to play with you some more ya stubborn cat" he grinned while rubbing the cat Pokemon.

    Glameow purred in excitement and enjoyed the sensation. After all of the goodbyes were said, Ryu walked out of the front gate and made his way toward the forest that was up ahead. He then turned around and looked back at Johanna and Glameow, who were still outside waving goodbye.

    "Thanks again, Ma'am" he thought sincerely as he watched the two figures wave goodbye at him. He then quickly shook his head, trying to erase the mushy feelings he was having for the two. It wasn't time for any of that now, he was on an important mission.

    Ryu looked towards the forest and stood right outside the entrance. He smiled abruptly and began walking into the unknown forest that stood before him. This was now the start of his journey to find out exactly who he was, where he had come from, and most importantly, what this gauntlet was doing attached to his arm.

    As Ryu walked on top of the ground that was covered in other footsteps, he looked in amazement at his current surroundings. The forest was filled with such vibrant colours, and trees that stretched down the road for miles. Playing around in the bushes, were all different kinds of pokemon that were happily interacting with one another. To his left, he saw small brown rodent creatures with large front teeth chomping down on some wood. To his right, he noticed brownish-Gray coloured birds flying around and enjoying their time as well. He was fascinated with the different types of pokemon that lived on this route.

    "Wow, what a lively place" he said anxiously as he continued to walk down the path. He remembered that Johanna had given him a map with directions on it on how to get to Sandgem town, and so he reached into his backpack and brought out a small secured cylinder like paper. He unfolded it and revealed a surprisingly large map that had different land marks and symbols on it.

    Ryu scanned through the map trying to locate where he was currently at, but due to the fact that he had problems understanding more than one thing at a time, he ended up hurting his brain a bit.

    "Gah! How the hell am I supposed to figure out where I'm supposed to go when I can't even find where I am?" he screamed as he shook his head, alerting the pokemon near him. They all gave him blank stares, and some even began to laugh at his silliness. Ryu turned to them and let out an evil grin.

    "You making fun of me?" he sputtered with a dark aura emitting from him, to show the creatures around that he did not take lightly towards staring. All of the pokemon just slowly backed away and shook their heads.

    He looked back at his map and then noticed something that he had not noticed before. It was a small red mark located near the bottom of the map. Next to the dot, was an arrow sign that had words connected to it that read "You are here".

    Son of a...

    Did he really just spend all that time trying to figure out something that was explained right in front of him? Ryu felt his face get a little hotter from embarrassment. Reading maps was definitely not one of his strong points.

    "Good thing no one was here to witness that…" he thought as he wiped his head. With his new found "directions", he began to march on through the route and off to Sandgem town, that is until he noticed a figure up ahead resting on a nearby tree. Ryu slowly approached the figure that seemed to be asleep from a distance. As he got closer, he was able to get a better look at its features.

    It was a pretty small pokemon, looking as if it would only reach up to Ryu's ankle at best. It was coloured light purple and had three spikes on the top of its head. It's arms and torso were covered in bandages, looking as if the Pokemon had gone through quite a training regiment. Despite the fact that it was a Pokemon, it had a human-type shape.

    "What pokemon is this?" he asked as he came to a stop. He had never seen this kind of pokemon before, or to be honest, never heard of a pokemon that had bandages on its body. As Ryu continued to examine it, he quickly noted that it had been inflicted with some injuries. It's breathing was also abnormal as well.

    "Is it sick?" he quickly thought as he got closer. He bent down and looked at it more carefully, resting his hand on top of its head. He swiftly withdrew his hand as it began to burn rapidly at an unbelievably fast rate, nothing in which a human could catch.

    "This isn't good, its looks badly injured and has an incredibly high fever" he thought carefully as he tried to figure out what to do.

    Should he carry this pokemon back to Twinleaf town and have Johanna take a look at it? No he couldn't, he didn't want to inconvenience her again, and with that dramatic goodbye he just had earlier, it would make it ever so cliché. So what other options did he have? The only one left, he just had to take it with him to see Professor Rowan and let the man work his magic. I mean he is a genius when it comes to knowing how Pokemon work so he should know how to treat it.


    With his mind set, Ryu proceeded to pick up the pokemon and placed it into a "carry" style position close to his chest. The pokemon mildly winced as it was being moved but it calmed down as it was relaxed in Ryu's chest.

    "Heh, it looks kind of cute when it does things like that…" he thought, but his thoughts were quickly interrupted. Suddenly, a barrage of purple needles had been fired directly at him. In an heartbeat, he instinctively jumped into the air and rotated his body completely backwards as he laid one hand on the ground. With the momentum he had just gained, he pushed off of his hand and bean spinning backwards. He was catapulted a few metres back and landed safely, as his feet skid across the forest floor. He then ascended his head upwards to find out the origin of the assault. He didn't know where or how he learned how to pull off such acrobatics. Maybe he was some sort of gymnast, or a well known martial artist?

    "So, we've finally found you" a voice said from the direction that the attack had been launched. Emerging from the forest, were two figures that were dressed quite oddly. The male was wearing a white spacesuit looking outfit with short blue hair and the female was wearing the exact same thing, except her outfit was depicted as more of a dress. Next to them, were two undiscovered Pokemon that Ryu had never encountered before. The one standing next to the male was a small dark blue frog type pokemon that had two yellow cheeks that occasionally puffed in and out, while the one standing next to the female was a raven coloured bird that had a yellow beak, and looked much like a black crow.

    Ryu glared at the two and depicted two symbols that were placed on the centre of their uniforms with the initials "TG" labelled on them. Why were they attacking a random traveller and a sick and injured pokemon? None of this made any sense to him, but all he knew was that they weren't going to let him by easily.

    "The hell do you two want?" he rudely asked. The two of them jumped from their locations and landed a few metres in front of Ryu.

    "Such insolence, you've never heard of Team Galactic before boy?" the man snapped back with a tint of anger in his voice.

    "How could he? Look at him, I bet he's just some no talent trainer" the woman said ignorantly as she glanced at him. Now this was very stupid. Ryu wasn't even a trainer, yet they presumed he was, just because he was carrying an injured Pokemon?

    Ryu looked confused as to what the duo could possibly want from him. He then realized that maybe that they were after his map that he had obtained. He quickly shook this ridiculous thought out of his head and tried to understand the situation. "What exactly do you need from me?"

    The pair looked at each other for a moment and began to laugh quite hysterically. Oh boy, laughing at Ryu was not something someone should take lightly. Their hysteric laughing pissed him off plenty as the thought of someone laughing at him; except elderly woman, was something he did not take sitting down.

    "The hell's so funny?" he shouted.

    "Don't flatter yourself boy, it isn't you that we are after" the man cracked while still laughing. They stopped laughing for an instant and then looked at him seriously while slowly raising their arms to become parallel with another.

    "Drop that pokemon, and get out of here" they both said in unison. This statement struck Ryu as odd. Why were they after this little guy? He clearly wasn't in any condition to battle and most likely couldn't even walk on it's own. Perhaps they it's lost trainers that came to pick it up?

    "Why do you want this pokemon so badly that you'd have to attack a random traveller?" Ryu asked with a tint of irritation in his voice.

    Before the woman had a chance to speak, the man put his hand front and stopped her.

    "We do not need to explain ourselves to the likes of someone who is of no importance." He then looked over towards Ryu.

    "Now just make this easy on yourself and hand over that Tyrogue!" he demanded, revealing the name of the sleeping pokemon.

    "Tyrogue?" Ryu thought as he stared at the two. He had never heard of a pokemon with that name before. He still retained a few memories of some of the pokemon in this region but most of them were still quite new to him.

    "Why are we even waiting? I say we just attack them now and capture the Tyrogue" the female suggested and readied her pokemon but she was stopped by her male partner once again.

    "Patience is the key to a successful operation, haven't you learned anything at the training camps?" he pointed out. The female became slightly irritated by this.

    "And who was the one who got held back because he caused an explosion on the campus when his electrode exploded randomly!" she retaliated while exposing her partner.

    His cheeks began to turn a light colour from embarrassment and he turned around to face the woman. Humorously, the two began arguing as if they were a married couple, much to Ryu's confusion and amusement. He couldn't help and laugh a bit at the unprofessional attitude of his so called "Pursuers". He could watch them go at it for hours but there was no time for that. With quick thinking, he slowly stepped backwards behind a near tree and then sprinted off into a different direction, hoping to escape the oddly dressed freaks.

    "Whatever! Let's just capture this fool and get back to bas-" before he could be finish his sentence he had noticed that the one he was trying to capture was already long gone.

    "You see what you do! Oh man, why did I have to stuck with you as a partner." He moaned and looked around the area for signs of the two.

    "The feelings mutual" she quietly said as she also began searching but then noticed a trail of blood that was on the ground leading to a direction south west of their location. She smiled and informed her partner who also had a wicked grin on his face as the two looked in the direction of where Ryu had supposedly run off too.

    With great speed, Ryu was able to quickly maneuver his way through the route to find a safe place to hide.

    "Whoa, since when could I run this fast?" he wondered as he continued to run through the forest. The speed that Ryu was running at was most definitely not human like speed. As he continued running, he quickly looked over at the hill top located on the right. Even though this would mean exposing himself in public, he had to make it to Sandgem town as swiftly as possible. Ryu jumped up as quickly as he could and landed on the street that was in the middle of the two hills. He made sure to land softly as he did not want to strain the injured Pokemon.

    Ryu looked back at the direction he had run from and smirked.

    "Thanks to those two idiots, I was able to put some good distance between us" he said as he remembered the bickering the two had done, which granted him the perfect opportunity to escape. He then used one of his hands to reach into his backpack and pull out the map from earlier, but it was harder to hold up due to him using his other hand to support incapacitated Pokemon.

    "Well, I may have strayed off course a little but I think If I keep going south I should make it to town" he said as he marked out a way to go, since going back to where he was would surely mean encountering the two weirdly dressed people again. He placed the map back into his backpack, supported Tyrogue with both hands and began running south. As he ran, he could see other trainers that were along the street and some in the grass that were most likely training or adventuring around.

    "These must be the new trainers that Johanna spoke about" he thought as he continued to run southwards. Even Ryu had to confess, journeying around with a partner seemed like it would be really fun, but he didn't have time for that. His memories was his first priority, and he needed to know the truth behind his gauntlet.

    Then all of a sudden, a voice cried from the side of Ryu's body.

    "Croagunk use Poison Sting!" a recognizable voice commanded, and another barrage of purple needles was aimed towards the now panicking Ryu.

    With no time to dodge, Ryu shifted his body around and accepted the blasts into his back. He screamed in agony at the stinging pain that the needles had caused him and fell onto one knee. He recognized that attack from earlier and turned his head to see two familiar faces that he was not too pleased to see again. Ryu frowned and slowly adjusted his body so that he was facing them.

    "It was a good attempt, but futile in the end boy" the man from earlier said as he stood there with his female partner and their pokemon.

    "Oh great, these two again, damn I can still feel the sting of that earlier attack" Ryu thought as he gritted his teeth, trying to bear the stinging sensation of their frog's attack.

    "Don't be such a fool, just hand over the Tyrogue and you're free to go" the woman said arrogantly. Was this really true? Would they really just let him go right after he tried to help this pokemon escape?

    Ryu didn't even know the back history of this Tyrogue. For all he knew, it could have been a criminal that broke the law and was now a wanted Pokemon that the police wanted to catch. After all, he was still unfamiliar with this world's customs and how things worked. It wasn't as if Ryu was some messiah or anything like that, he wouldn't just risk his life without a reason other than "To be a hero". He needed to know the circumstances of what exactly what going on. Ryu decided that if he wanted answers, there was only one way.

    "Let me ask you something then. I'll give you the Tyrogue only if you tell me exactly what it has done" he slyly said, trying to deceive the two as he turned around. The two members looked at one another and sighed in unison. Why should they tell this random trainer their objective anyway? Well since he would no longer interfere with their plans, it didn't really pose much of a problem now did it?

    "Alright, I'll tell you kid" The man begun to say. Ryu listened intensively; as the decision that he was going to make of either continuing to protect it or handing it over was residing on this.

    "It's not that it did anything wrong, it's just we want to extract the nature energy out of it" he blabbered on, revealing their true objective.

    Ryu just stared at the man and couldn't contemplate what he had just said.

    "Extract? Nature Energy?" he managed to say, but with much confusion in his voice. Why would they want to suck the life out of something that was already way past its limits? And why would they chase down a runaway Tyrogue that had no crimes on its name? More questions began to pop into Ryu's head, and he needed to know right here and now why they wanted this 'nature energy",

    "But this Tyrogue is weakened and isn't in any condition to be sucked or whatever" he pleaded, and tried to believe that their intentions were somewhat positive. However, Ryu's hopes were quickly shattered at what the man said next.

    "What the hell are you talking about? Who cares if a pokemon is weakened or not, their just tools and objects used for combat." he explained with a small grin on his face. His partner also had a seemingly wicked smile on her face to signal that she agreed with him.

    "Oh, he must be one of those trainers who wants to bond with his pokemon, how pitiful" she taunted, as the thought of how funny it was that some trainers thought of pokemon as equals. While the two began to laugh and ridicule him, Ryu on the other hand was swelling up inside. All of his previous doubts and indecisiveness suddenly vanished and he was clear on what morale they belonged to. Even though he didn't know what exact purpose they wanted it for, he was certain that it wasn't a very pleasant one.

    He gripped his fists tighter and gritted his teeth. The magnitude of his irritation began to sky rocket. Whoever these two jerks were, he was not going to allow Tyrogue to be taken by them. Ok yea, he did not know where he came from or who he was, but if there was one thing he knew instinctively about, it was the that those who break the law are scum, however those who abandon and desert their friends are worse than scum.


    Where did that come from? It was weird. Ryu didn't know why but he felt as if that sentence was very meaningful towards him. Without warning, a sharp pain appeared in Ryu's head and he placed his hand at the side of his head to contemplate what was going on.

    "Argh! What is this feeling?" he shrieked as he closed his eyes and gripped his head harder. The pain was unbearable and it felt as if someone was crushing his head against a boulder. Ryu didn't know what happened next, he blanked out. All he could see was complete darkness as he floated in some distant desolate location.

    "What's going on? Where am I?" he thought as he just drifted slowly while looking upwards, not sure which direction was what. This vast and unfamiliar location was terribly frightening.

    Suddenly, a flash of dazzling white light illuminated the darkness and he shut his eyes to protect his pupils. Moments later, he re-opened his eyes and gazed upon a figure. This was no ordinary figure, the figure was in the shape of a human. He couldn't actually see his face or what he was wearing as it was a silhouette , but he could never forget the eyes that it was facing him with. They were a crimson red colour that hunted Ryu dead in the centre of his soul.

    "Who are you?" he slowly asked the figure.

    "Ryu..." the voice began as it raised one of it's arms. How did this mysterious figure know his name? Who exactly was it behind the flashing white light? The figure then began to disappear, and slowly got smaller and smaller.

    "Wait! Come back! I need to know who you are!" he screamed out towards the disappearing dot. It only took a few more seconds, until it completely vanished, leaving Ryu desiring more answers.

    In an instant, he was snapped back into reality and his eyes opened slowly. He began to breath heavily while the gauntlet on his arm was starting to vibrate rapidly. He looked at it for a moment, until it finally died on. Why was it reacting towards his subconscious?

    "What…was that?" he slowly managed to say. The duo that was still standing there, looked at Ryu quite awkwardly. They knew the boy wasn't normal from the moment they saw him, but this was just down right creepy.

    "What the hell is up with this kid?" the man spoke in confusion as he regained his composure. He quickly reminded himself of their objective and lifted his arm into the air.

    "Now that we've told you why we want it, hand it over" he demanded.

    Ryu slowly looked at the duo and lightly smiled. He then gripped Tyrogue closer to his chest and took a readied stance.

    "Nah, I'm sorry but I don't think that'll ever be happening" he said with determination in his eyes to clearly show that he was not going to give up this injured Tyrogue. He didn't know who that mysterious figure was or what it was trying to tell him, but he knew in his heart that protecting this Pokemon was something he just had to do.

    The duo then sighed in disappointment and readied themselves for an unavoidable conflict. It was a shame; they could have gotten the Tyrogue and left the kid without anyone getting hurt. They may have not been the nicest pair around but they did not want any unnecessary violence if it could be avoided.

    "Suit yourself" the man began. His small frog type pokemon slowly approached Ryu, with an intent to kill in its eyes.

    "Croagunk, use Poison Jab!" the man commanded. Croagrunk extended it's right flap to the side of its body. It began to morph into a dark purple colour and as soon as the flap finished lighting up, it began sprinting toward Ryu. Ryu was in serious trouble here. How was he going to escape this situation? Croagunk jumped into the air and dived toward Ryu with its Poison Jab ready to collide with the helpless human until...

    "Growlithe, Use Flame Wheel!" a voice screamed close by, and suddenly a rotating ball that was cloaked in flames appeared from nowhere and smashed the airborne Croagunk down onto the ground. The duo had been surprised by this and turned their heads to see who had caused the attack. As they looked, the flames that were spiralling around suddenly dispersed, and a small red and black wolf type creature with black stripes and fluffy orange fur landed in an aggressive stance. Behind it, stood a woman who was wearing a blue formal uniform and a dangerously short blue skirt. She had light blue spiky hair and was wearing an officer's uniform.

    The woman slowly walked past the wolf pokemon that stood next to her and reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out some sort of badge.

    "By the law of Sinnoh, you three are under arrest!" she announced as she presented her badge towards the three of them.

    Confused, Ryu's mouth hung open as he took in the woman's entrance. In the three, was she referring to him?

    A/N:That’s all folks, that is the second chapter. Getting real exciting now isn’t it? On to the next one :)

    Next Time: Chapter 3 “Meeting the Professor”:
    As Ryu meets a Police Officer and sorts his little dilemma, Professor Rowan is still his objective. Will Ryu meet this Professor who will answer the questions he seeks?
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