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    Originally Posted by Robbi View Post
    1) That does not work for me for some reason.
    2) Ohh, I changes the tiles for warp properties, but i tested it, it still doesn't work.
    3) there isn't anything like that, its just a regular tile that does it, and its every so often.
    4) Now when i start it up, after the van, it goes black and wont start.
    I believe you have corrupted the start up data. Also, never change warp properties for floor tiles that are going to be used often. If a tile is used often, and you can warp on it, there will be a second tile which looks exactly like it that has warp properties.

    Originally Posted by Hacker Bisharp View Post
    I could not find anything, I tried with all flags or tools that I have found but nothing: (
    From the script where you get talk to Cielo, it looks like the Rainbow Pass will get you anywhere, so remove the tri-pass and add the Rainbow Pass. It also appears as though flag 846 adds the extra pages to the town map.

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