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    Originally Posted by Ajduk View Post
    Why is leveling up so fast in this game? :O
    And is there anything like a battle frontier or something to do when you beat both regions?

    Also, how to pokemon whcih usually evolve by trade evolve in this game?
    By trading. They are programmed as trades in the game. For instance, a Scyther you can acquire early on is holding a Metal Coat, and boom, it evolved to Scizor when you receive it.

    The only one you can't evolve is Froslass, due to an oversight. I'm working on a patch where it appears. Note I haven't seen it as programmed yet, so it IS very rare even when it's out.

    Originally Posted by bearman2011 View Post
    Hey everyone,

    I'm kinda new in all the forum stuff, sorry if this is not where I should ask this.
    Me and a friend would like to make a nice hack ourselves. We've got ideas for a storyline, a good plot, and a lot of fantasy left to spend. We are willing to put a lot of time and effort in it.
    Can anyone help me out? As in, wich programs do I use? Are these free programs, or do I have to pay?

    If the makers of this hack, or anyone else sees this, and think they might help us with wich programs to use, or to show us the basics, please contact me. :)

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    Might be best to ask those questions over here. I will provide one answer in that AdvanceMap (which is located in the Toolbox subforum where I linked above) is the main map editing and tile editing tool, so I advise getting that at a minimum. Other programs will be needed for scripting and such, so again, head to the forum linked above and ask there. :)

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