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    Originally Posted by Gonz0 View Post
    flyer, we need screenshots. From what you've said I assume everything is done correctly, so I think you might've done some mistakes while setting stuff up.

    Your game is Diamond/Pearl, yes?

    DPPt tend to fluctuate sometimes, so instead of turning the game on the last beep, restart you DS, turn the game on ASAP and soft reset on the last beep. It doesn't change anything but you might find that method easier/more efficient than the one you're currently using (I find soft resetting easier, for example).

    Just checked and latest PPRNG is definitely compatibile with IV Gen. Also, if you have HGSS, try that first, as it's easier to RNG.
    Well, when I press okay on the picture below as well as the timer.

    I then turn my DS off and then back on and stay on this page:

    Near the last beep I press OK (on the Pokémon Pearl Nintendo part)

    I then mash A until I'm here:

    Near the last beep I press A. Once I'm in the game I do the flips and they're wrong?

    I have a few questions:
    I have 1 roamer and a journal pops up. I am on the 4th frame right?
    Does the Calibrated Delay have to be 600 and the Calibrated Sec. 14? (Everstone's guide said they should be)

    (Pictures from Everstone's RNG Guide)
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