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Let's just say you were trapped somewhere secluded from the rest of the world with someone you cared about immensely. Why? We'll get to that later. It can be a relative, a friend, a significant other; just someone you love.

Now, let's say that the fate of the world, a number of over seven billion people, depended on whether your loved one lived or died. Why? Because this is a hypothetical question and is likely to never actually ever happen to you.

Remember when I told you to picture yourself secluded and trapped with only yourself and your loved one? Well, the decision now falls solely on you. Only you. If you choose to end your loved one's life, you save a matter of over seven billion people at the price of losing the one person you love the most. If you choose to keep their life intact, then the faith of all humanity would be wiped out leaving just you and the person you love completely alone.

What do you do? Do you surrender your loved one's life for the sake of all humans? If you answer yes, then would you be able to live with yourself afterward or would you be okay knowing their life died in vein. On the flip side, do you spare your loved one's life and face the barren world together alone? Will you live with regret knowing that even though you saved one life, you ultimately ended the lives of over seven billion people? WHAT DO YOU DO!?

I was talking about this with my sister earlier today. She said if it was me, she wouldn't be able to kill me even though she thinks it's what I would want in order to save everyone else. I said that if it was her, I would do it, but I don't believe I'd be able to live with myself any longer. It'd be too hard knowing I took my sister's life even if I saved billions of others.
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