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I guess I should probably sign up to this, to be honest I had no idea this thread existed until I found it just now.

Originally Posted by Insomniac View Post
It's kinda like when I tell a new friend I'm lesbian. They usually say something like 'wait so girls are attractive to you?' "yep" 'soo you like girls.' "yep" 'how bout that one' "not necessarily all girls" 'or that one' "um" and they just point out girls because they assume I think every dang girl is cute. At least that's the kind of weird talk I get.
I've had that exact same talk, during high-school I told my best friend I was lesbian [at the time I thought I was, turns out i'm bi though - Boy did that whole situation confuse me.]

When I told her she basically named every girl in out year saying 'What about ___, do you think she's cute?'

Apart from her and a select few others, everyone else just tried to bully me, but hey; kids are *******s right?

Nowadays if someone asks me my sexuality I just say i'm greedy and can't choose

Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
I've always preferred either guy/guy or girl/girl, not a fan of straight porn at all... I guess that makes sense, being bisexual?

I've always thought of gay couples as having much more pure/innocent relationships, because I have they have to overcome all these extra challenges to be together, and so their love must be much stronger than a straight person who can just go bang whoever they want without having to worry about it. I'm sure that's not really true in the real world, but I can dream can't I?
Actually, banging anyone you want without having to worry about it is the best part about being bi.
That makes me sound like a bad person. I'm completely monogamous, I swear.

Originally Posted by PhantomX0990 View Post

But family is another story. My parents... yeah.

First, my father. He has a temper. A very strong temper, one that I had issues with growing up and is the reason I was more than happy to quit college and move out at eighteen. He is very against anything, I repeat ANYTHING having to do with LGBT. They have a very nice lesbian couple living across the street. Very nice people. The things he says about them though... I think I have scars on my tongue from biting it.

My mother... knows. Or at least she should know that I am not exactly straight. I think most people here know my 'coming out story'; if it could be called that. She is in denial. Has been for years. She will not speak of it. Worst part is... she loves kids. She wanted a big family, but she had cancer and could not have more kids, leaving her with just me. She's always ranting about how much she wants grandchildren. She even goes to joke that I should just 'find a guy' and then she'd take care of the child. I'm not joking. Yes, I see it's wrong too, but there's a sadness to it. Thing is... it's not exactly the easiest thing in the world for a same sex couple to have kids... at least I'm pretty sure biology doesn't work like that. I think this is what would devestate her the most. (Yes I know there are other ways, but you know what I'm talking about.)
I know what your going through. My father was/is incredibly 'outspoken' [to put it nicely] or bigoted to put it accurately. He basically called me scum and threw me out when I came out to my parents, and I haven't spoken to him properly in a few years.

That said; I do understand his points of view, as I'm his only daughter and he basically has no chance of grand-children if I don't provide them. My mother speaks to me occasionally but she doesn't approve of my choice of partner.

Luckily my partners family is loverly, accepting and welcoming. I spend a lot of time with them and they've become a more supporting family that my biological one. It seems a horrible situation but I've come to accept it. You should never try to change to please other people, ESPECIALLY family members.

However, don't be over-eager to flaunt your sexuality if it could cause you harm, a little disgression is easily worth your safety and health.