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    Originally Posted by Insomniac View Post
    It's kinda like when I tell a new friend I'm lesbian. They usually say something like 'wait so girls are attractive to you?' "yep" 'soo you like girls.' "yep" 'how bout that one' "not necessarily all girls" 'or that one' "um" and they just point out girls because they assume I think every dang girl is cute. At least that's the kind of weird talk I get.
    I once got "does being asexual mean you're actually bi?".
    The question is actually quite reasonable; in the same way that one isn't necessarily completely hetero/homo/etc., one isn't necessarily completely asexual.

    Originally Posted by Somniac View Post
    Actually, banging anyone you want without having to worry about it is the best part about being bi.
    That makes me sound like a bad person. I'm completely monogamous, I swear.
    Nothing wrong with polyamory, provided the consent of all participants.