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Originally Posted by Omac12 View Post
Thanks. Sorry it took me so long to reply I wasn't able to get online much.

I did get it all worked out and started to play a cool hack. It's a bit challenging.

I looked at the hack tools. I tried to work with a few but I am just a starter. I'm like at level 1 not even a level 5 yet. I have moves like Scratch and Leer still. I need to work on my hacking.
Hello! Welcome to PC!

It's always great to see new hackers. It might be a bit frustrating at first, but don't give up.
In fact, I've been consistently hacking for over four years, and believe me, there are many more confusing things about hacking out there. At first, I had no idea how to use programs like unLZ.GBA...
Of course, I was only nine at the time. Then I mastered it. Mastered Tiling. Mastered Hex Editing. Took me a while, but I mastered ASM Hacking.

I believe you'll be a great hacker, as long as you work at it! :)

If you ever are more interested or need help, feel free to ask me by means of VM or PM.

The ROM Hacking Forum can be found here.

I'm currently working on two full-scale hacks...

Anyways, welcome to PC, and don't forget to have fun.

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