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    Entry 1:
    - Starter choices were Celebi, Barboach and Dratini, I Chose Dratini.
    - Dratini was female, Named her Liz.
    - Spoke to mum, Received pokegear, heading to mr pokemons house.
    - Wasted encounter on route 29 (no pokeballs)
    - wasted encounter on route 30 (no pokeballs)
    - Obtained Mystery Egg
    - Saved
    - Took Down The Rival which, for all intensive purposes, will be named Daniel.
    - Gave egg to Elm
    - Pokeballs!
    - To Violet City
    - Poliwhirl found and caught on route 31. Nicknamed Kevin
    - Entered Dark cave looking for pokemon. Found a Venonat and decided not to catch it.
    - Entered Violet City
    - Sprout tower. Found shedinja and decided not to get it.
    - Dominated sprout tower
    - Pokemon center visit
    - Faced Falkner and pulled through, used most of my potions though ._. gotta grind
    - Saved.
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