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Username: GoldenRayquaza
Game: LeafGreen

Optional Rules
Must nickname all Pokémon.
Make comics of your adventure and have fun!

Pokémon LeafGreen Emerald Randomized Nuzlocke Run

I started this out. I named my guy Noah and my Rival Red. I went through the Oak scene, and my starter choices were Girafirig, Sealeo, or Farfetch'd. I decided on Sealeo. Defeated my Rival easily. Sealeo knew Powder Snow, so Red's Bulbasaur was like battling a Magikarp.

Proof right there, you skeptics. Anyway, I didn't have a Poke Ball, so I blew my wild Pokémon on Route 1. Oh well. Missed my chance at a Doduo. There were some pretty cool Pokémon on Route 1. Oh well. Like a Fearow. I'll grab something on Route 22, I guess. At least all the Flying types made Leo's training easy. I went into the Mart and got Oak's Parcel, and then grinded Leo to Level 10 before delivering it. Went through the Pokedex scene, got the Poke Balls, got the Town Map from Red's sister, and went to Route 22. Ran into a wild Kyogre, but I ran out of Balls and Leo was low on HP and I had to flee. On my way back, Red challenged me, but Leo only had 2HP and I lost. Thanks for putting the VS. Rival deaths don't count rule. Grinded Leo to Level 12. Then I caught a Surskit on Route 2. Forgot to nickname him, but I'll do it as soon as I get the chance. I'll just call him Skit for now. Attempted to grind Skit to Leo's level, but got the urge to keep going. Caught a Nidoqueen in Viridian Forest. It feels like I'm doing a Blue Monocolor Challenge right now. I gotta turn off the Speed button, because I forgot nicknames again. I guess I'll just remove that rule. Moving on. Finished grinding Niddie (what I'm calling her for now) and Skit. Actually, I took down Brock first. Leo did a little solo run here. His Onix had a level on me, but I still got him. I set TM's to random, so Brock gave me the Ingrain TM.

Caught a Hypno on Route 3. That's enough for now.


Leo The Sealeo

Level 16

Ability: Thick Fat

~Powder Snow
~Ice Ball
~Water Gun

Skit The Surskit

Level 10

Ability: Swift Swim

~Quick Attack

Niddie The Nidoqueen

Level 9

Ability: Poison Point

~Tail Whip
~Double Kick
~Poison Sting

Hipi The Hypno

Level 7

Ability: Insomnia

pokemon lazuli • coming soon