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    We had thought of Darkrai EX but ruled it out due to cost, may stretch to putting one in, or wait to Darkrai-GX.
    We have Yveltal/Yveltal EX/Drampa (and also Tauros actually), so just need to think about additional lines or more of the former.
    I know it seems petty but I don't want to spend money (however small) on something that may get rotated out. We almost have the cards for a deck now so happy to get this trialled and then adjust on the next expansion/rotation.
    The deck would be used in local tournaments, but he has aspirations to go to a Regional (they all seem to be Standard format in the UK). Am happy for him to start off with an uncompetitive deck as I think he'll learn a lot more about why he is losing and how the deck could change. However, he's a sore loser so..!
    I have created a second deck of generic dummy cards so we can play each other. Although that proxy site looks useful.

    Thanks for all your advice.
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