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Originally Posted by osmyth View Post
As per previous posts I'm trying to help my son create his first deck. He was set on using Snorlax GX but after looking at a number of SUM/GRI set reviews with him he likes the look of Drampa GX and as he has some Yveltal we thought the following deck would suit (as it seems to be getting play in Japan).

This is from Omnipoke

2 Yveltal-EX 2 Yveltal 2 Drampa-GX 2 Alolan Grimer 2 Alolan Muk 2 Tapu Lele-GX 1 Shaymin-EX
4 Professor Sycamore 3 N 2 Lysandre 1 Hex Maniac 1 Olympia 1 Pokemon Fan Club
4 VS Seeker 4 Ultra Ball 4 Max Elixir 2 Trainer's Mail 3 Choice Band 4 Altar of the Moone
10 Dark Energy 4 DCE.

Now, the issue I have is that quite a few cards are (very) expensive, so we won't be getting those.

Please could you give opinions on the above.
Please could you suggest alternatives for Shaymin, Tapu Lele, VS Seeker and Max Elixir. This is due to the cost; I don't want to spend a lot of money if the enthusiasm doesn't last. Also would be looking at alternatives for those rotating out in a few months.

Initially I'd like him to learn the initial set up for the first few turns, so could that mean more of Yveltal/Yveltal-EX/Energies?
Could you play Rayquaza GRI as well as Yveltal?
Maybe Nest Ball, Special Charge, Kukui, Hala (if using Drampa's GX attack early), Field Blower?

There really are no alternatives to those cards. hence their price.

As DDRox said as well, Yveltal isn't really a suited deck for newer players. If you're looking for a playble deck that doesnt break the bank check out budget quad Lapras builds (there's one that only runs 4 lapras, 10 energy and 36 supporters) or Passimian/Mew. VS seekers are your most needed items, you can get them cheap enough if you search around

there's a few on there below the 4 dollar mark

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