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Originally Posted by Decidueye View Post
What Hands said. Passimian/Mew is cheap (No Elixirs, Shay and Lele optional I suppose, but you still need a playset of VS Seeker), easy (Get a bunch of Passimian on the bench and start doing things), and fun (because monkeys). I budget that whole deck at ~$30 (with $16 of that being the Seekers). You can probably get away with running Drampa in there too. Plus, it has an 80/20 matchup against most TurboDark variants (I think) and a good matchup against many other top decks, although Decidueye and Lurantis variants are usually auto-losses.

Hands for some reason still maintains that Quad Lapras is the best deck in the format, and barring the $8 each Lapras GX the deck is relatively cheap. You don't use Lele or Shaymin, although a Seeker or three is encouraged. Elixir is also encouraged, but can be swapped for Aqua Patches in a budget deck.

Really though, if you must play 'Velt, do it right. You might be able to skimp on expensive cards in a deck that isn't as energy-consuming, but Yveltal absolutely NEEDS 4 each of Max Elixir and VS Seeker (or maybe 3 of the latter is tolerable), and it is hugely helped by Lele and Shaymin. Budget Yveltal isn't a thing for a reason.
Lapras isn't bdif anymore :< arguably Trashbags is.

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