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Originally Posted by osmyth View Post
Hands, thanks.

Will have a chat to my son tonight after work, and look at the cards.

Not sure he'll take too kindly to being asked to change the deck again! Anyway, would need to convince him that it's in his best interests long term!

Having said that - maybe we can go for Yveltal at this stage then sub out those lines come rotation and the next couple of expansions. I would think he'd want to build something around Drampa-GX and Tauros-GX. And I have probably taken up enough of your time already!

He def has M Ray (Dragon), M Venusaur, M Latios and Xerneas Break.
Drampa and Tauros work well being colourless, they can fit in almost anywhere (both are usually present in the super popular new garbador decks) so those are really versatile cards.

For Yveltal, you really, really need Max Elixir, even more than Shaymin. You can almost work around Shaymin at lower tables/juniors so long as you can speed that energy up

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