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    Originally Posted by Hands View Post
    If you throw out a rough idea of your collection I'll help you build a deck that'll be playable
    Apologies, haven't checked if all these are valid in Standard yet.

    GX - Drampa, Tauros, Snorlax.
    EX - Gardevoir RC30, Xerneas XY07, M Ray Dragon 61/108, M Latios 59/108, Latios 58/108, Noivern Break 113/162, Ray XY73, Mewtwo XY183, Ho-Oh Break XY154, M Blastoise 18/83, Blastoise XY30, Kyogre XY41, Venusaur 1/146, M Ven 2/108, Audino 84/124.

    Thanks very much.
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