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Travelers young an old, whether with friends or their pokemon, I invite you to sit a spell by the fire. and listen to an old Tale about the underground combat league Earth and Sky, where they began and where their roots we're based. From the old world known as Ignea, where the plateau is filled with dust and dirt, where it's edge torn across the ocean was connected to the region you knew as Lethia and where an old promise that was once kept may not be seen fulfilled for many lifetimes. You may ask me what is Ignea?.. Ignea is where Lethia began before the the combat league began, before the ascension of pokemon, before the old world clashed with the new and before the discovery of Grimor itself.

Welcome To Pokemon Earth and Sky

A lot of newcomers to the RP may ask what Earth and Sky is and I will explain it. Pokemon Earth and Sky was and is an underground combat league, similar to Fight Club or Ratchet Deadlocked though done on a much larger scale. Trainers and their friends or teams pit each other against one another to earn badge components by fighting others in head on battles or stealth tactics to earn their way into a tournament to win a single wish, whatever their hearts desired would be granted no matter the absurdity, impossibilities or the odds, they would grant it, even if they had to move heaven and earth, rip open the sky or tear apart the earth. They had the ability to pull off whatever they wanted and still choose not to do anything with the power they have, however in this iteration Beyond, we won't be following the standard story of another iteration within Lethia. As the flavor text above reads, we are now in Ignea, a new region with new dangers, new tribes, territorial pokemon and a new story to follow in another timeline. This iteration leads up to the creation or 'discovery' of Lethia and the creation of the Earth and Sky league or rather, it's beginnings. We're heading into Ignea around the 1980's out into the plateau with new oddities, new areas to explore and a whole new feel of the world before us.

You as a trainer will step out into this new region in hopes to find new pokemon, meet new friends and hope to discover new places as you make your way to the mountain pass into Ignea. Only to discover what this harsh new land will bring to you and what you can take from it alive. Pack your bag's, fill your canteen's and step into the newfound world built before you.

Character Creation

This is the standard character sheet for this iteration of Earth and Sky.
Name: What is the name of your trainer/character
Age: How old are they?
Sex: What is their gender?
Appearance: What do they look like? Any art renditions, keep PG-13.
Origin: Where do they come from? Where we're they born and raised?
Strength/Weakness: What is your character best at? Are they courageous? What are they the weakest in? What are they afraid of?
Bio: What is their story? What leads them to now?

This is the standard 'Pokemon Team' form.
Name: What is the name of your Pokemon?
Species: What are they?
Sex: What is their gender?
Strength/Weakness: This is optional; if you want to develop your pokemon deeper as characters who take part in the story.
Move Set: What abilities do you have?

There are a few rules to your teams and I enforce these rules strongly.
♦1. Under no circumstances, you cannot have a legendary pokemon on your team. You have the ability or option to capture or acquire one, but you cannot start with one in your roster.
♦2. You can have evolved Pokemon only up to Stage 2 evolution types with one exception. You may have at least one Stage 3 or above on your team to treat as your starter Pokemon on this whole run. However, All other pokemon on your team must evolve naturally as the story unfolds. Examples of Stage 2 evolved Pokemon are Haunter, Quilava, Raichu and so on.
♦3.Your Move Set MUST BE AT LEAST 4 moves or less for each and every pokemon on your team and will be kept at a minimum of 4 through our whole campaign, they can have moves based on whether they learned it through egg, move trainer, TM or just by leveling up. You cannot expand beyond 4. You have the option to change out moves via TM's, but that's it. If you want a clear list of what your pokemon can do, I recommend hitting up Bulbapedia.
♦4. You may use ANY pokemon from any region, I'm not a stickler nor am I picky so long as the choice doesn't clash or break any of the current rules.
♦5. It is possible to roleplay as a pokemon, a guideline is listed below; Message me if you have questions.
♦6. You can assign 1 move to be a Z-Move and attain more once you reach the region.

►Pokemon Character Sheet Guideline

This section is dedicated for people wishing to enter Earth and Sky as a Pokemon, not as a trainer.
• To become a Pokemon during this iteration. You may use the sheet below.
• You can't play as a legendary... As awesome as that would be; this is a survival RP, not an RP where you can take a backseat ride and powerhouse through everything.
• Playing as a pokemon, you attain 'perks' to offset the numbers playing as a trainer have.
▌1: You are not restricted by your species on your moves; you may learn any move available in the library so long as that move share's the same 'primary' element as your species. Example; playing as Honedge, you have access to every single Steel based move, since it's primary element is steel, ghost being it's second and so on.
▌2: You have the option to communicate with pokemon in the region and with humans, even ask for help from other wild pokemon or the tribals in Ignea. You have the option of joining said Tribals if or when you meet them.
▌3: You can cheat death... Temporarily within reason, you have the option to escape from fights on your own free will; though choosing to flee will have repercussions on the characters future in the story.
▌4: You have access to a 'Sub' Move set.... Explained Below the Character Sheet.
Name: What is your name?
Species: What are you?
Sex: What is your gender?
Strength/Weakness: Like the standard Trainer Sheet above, strength's, weaknesses, where they are strongest and where they fall short. Boldness and fears.
Bio: A short Biography of why they are in Ignea, what lead a single pokemon to take on a trek and so on.
Move Set: What abilities do they have?
Sub-Move Set: Utility Abilities.

• Like The team rules above, I strongly enforce how moves are assigned and your limits with the exceptions made in the perks above. Such as having a larger access to more moves.
• You are still limited to 4 moves in your moveset and still cannot expand beyond that.
• You are limited to 4 moves in your Subset, though the Subset plays a different role. Subset moves are move's you don't use to fight with; they are considered as Utility moves. Example, A Charmander with Ember in a move subset will use Ember to light fires for camping or light ones way in a dark cave. Vine Whip in the subset used for climbing and grapping onto ledges and so on. Your subset can be considered your 'HM Slave' in a sense.
• Move's assigned in the subset must be based on what the pokemon is able to learn, including the first perk.
• You are not restricted on Stage Evolution, you may attain Stage 3 or above starting in.
• For more questions or ideas you want to expand on, please contact me.

Ground Rules

These are the standard rules that go without saying on any RP from this site.
♣ This RP is rated M
♣ Follow the TOS
♣ If you intend to cause trouble, you will be reported to the Mod's who run the board
♣ Combat between 2 participants will be handled offsite.
♣ Multiple Characters Are Permitted, so long as the user in control of them upkeeps them.
♣ Neglected Characters will be discarded and considered eaten, killed and/or lost to the Elements in Ignea.

•Trainers - Accepted Profiles•

Alive - Still Playing!
Dead or Inactive - Discarded to the Elements or Dropped Out by other methods.

Julius Caeser - James Hendricks When: To Ignea! How: KO'ed to Tribals Reason: Departure due to Life Issues.
doge - Emmanuel “Manny” Chapman
Hyper Morian - Reanne
PkMnTrainer Yellow - Rose & Mary Maple
Bun_Bun - Nathaniel
Quto (Myself) - Joseph Mulder
probablyhylian - Toru Moreu
Gelius - Sven Dynasty Prowers & Kenshi