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Name: Emmanuel Manny Chapman
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Manny is roughly 62 and has long limbs and large hands to match. His lean athletic figure is well maintained, and his skin is a dark tan color, his eyes a lighter hazel. He wears a classic blue tee-shirt which his build fills out nicely, despite the sleeves being wide. For bottoms, he wears a pair of olive green cargo pants, a black leather belt looped around his waist. He carries all the essentials for a journey, a large blue bag and a good couple pairs of sneakers. As far as accessories go, he wears an indistinguishable bronze chain around his neck, an heirloom.
Origin: Orre
Strength/Weakness: A confident, simple-minded man that often tackles problems head-on, Emmanuel has a habit of underestimating the severity or difficulty of the situations he finds himself in. He is rarely concerned with the consequences of his actions, at times only realizing them when they are presented plainly to him. While he may overlook such matters, his confidence also instills in him a sort of unwavering will, a belief that he can and will succeed in any task he sets himself towards.

Adaptability is another trait of Mannys. Accustomed to the different and at times clashing personalities and lifestyles of his siblings, Emmanuel easily goes with the flow in most situations. His morality wavers at times, influenced easily by his surroundings, particularly by more charismatic individuals; these very circumstances led to the shady activities he partook in during his youth. In fact it could be said that Emmanuels decision to leave Orre was the very first thing he truly decided for himself. He himself is aware of how he allows himself to be led on, but his perhaps unwarranted confidence buries these thoughts in the back of his mind.

Bio: Emmanuel is the youngest among his large family of siblings. After his birth, Mannys parents were largely absentee, his father physically so, away at sea, with his mother more mentally detached, the years and burden of parenthood having taken their toll on her. His siblings took over the duty of raising Emmanuel, although the job they had done was less than stellar. A few of Mannys siblings were awful role models, and coincidentally he had taken up after them. Although not an ideal path to take, that detour into a youth of troublemaking and criminality introduced Emmanuel to pokmon and pokmon battling. While pokmon in Orre were scarce, with few, if any, native to the region, Emmanuels late teenage years began to slowly take on a new, more honest shape. Eventually, it became clear to him that the region had little left to offer him. He knew it was time for him to set off, to discover and explore the abundant world of pokmon that lay waiting right outside of his reach.


Name: Juice
Species: Poliwrath
Sex: Male
Move Set: Ice Punch, Scald, Dynamic Punch, Hypnosis

Name: Copper
Species: Luxio
Sex: Male
Move Set: Thunderbolt, Roar, Bite, Charge

Name: Lady
Species: Lickilicky
Sex: Female
Move Set: Rollout, Slam, Disable, Wrap

i might do strength/weakness stuff for the pokmon later on but aside from that, let me know if there are any issues!