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    Thank you! It means a lot to hear that!

    Anyways, yes, the early chapters are like that, I'm afraid. Same thing with the grammar. It all improves as I move closer to the more current chapters.
    Although, I would like to announce that I am doing a redo of the prologue with up to date grammar and revision. So, look forward to that, because it will be worth reading.

    And yes, the length is a plague that I will never be cured of completely. Chapter 3 was very long, the longest until Chapter 11. So, yeah, just be aware that it's in my style to write long chapters.

    And thank you once again. PMD is a genre that I enjoy twisting around and fitting to my own insane needs. Just wait until we get into the later chapters. I promise you, it'll be far from the norm.

    Knightfall signing off...
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