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    Originally Posted by Kurapika View Post
    I am actually concerned about Move Tutors, I hope they will put PLEEEEEEEENTY of them as they did in B2/W2 and Platinium. :]
    Originally Posted by Zorogami View Post
    You are right, i really did like how the tutor system worked in B/W2, they definitely should use a similar system in X/Y, but maybe with even more tutors and attacks!!
    Move tutors don't appear until the second set of games (third's, remakes, or sequels). The main game sets never have them.

    As for HMs...they are going to keep them so there is no point in whining. They may be useless to you but I and other do like them. They've had their reasons for making them non-deletable so you can't get locked in an area bu accident should you trade a Pokemon with an HM over instead of trying to find said HM on your own as there are usually optional HMs.

    TM wise, I kinda hope they only change a handful of the ones we have currently. I'd prefer if they keep the highly competitive ones out. Keep those as Egg Moves until the Move tutors reappear in the next installments of the game.

    Originally Posted by Tackle View Post
    I agreed with Diversion, Cut and Rock Smash are bad, they should be replaced.
    That would be great if there're new HM moves, such as Mud Shot for filling the hole.
    Rock Smash on a Pokemon with Serene Grace is severely OP. None of the HMs are incredibly useless. Only time they don't get a lot of support is when you don't have to use them. Practically all the HMs were useless in Gen 5 as you didn't have to use any of them more than once some you'd never have to use at all if you didn't want to do all the extra things. You can go the whole game without using Surf and Waterfall. They were useless by that regard. All they have to do is create more mandatory use of each HM. I can see a good number of attacks getting nerfed in power in Gen 6 since they got boosted in Gen 5. They do it a lot between generations and sometimes within the same gens. I rather hope they weaken some moves rather than increase others.
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