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    These are just some of my quick thoughts on the subject:

    - I would like the entire TM and HM system revamped.

    - I would like to see a number of old TMs eliminated and new ones created. Also, reconfigure the power, accuracy, PP, and effects of existing TMs and HMs.

    - I think moves that are useful primarily for competitive battling should be learned through move tutors rather than TMs. Preserve TMs for in-game battling. Pokemon is going too far in the direction of competitive battling to the point that the quality of the in-game experience is deteriorating.

    - I would like to see one of two scenarios happen pertaining to HMs. (1) Eliminate them altogether and allow Pokemon to learn cut, fly, surf, etc. on the basis of their type and abilities; (2) Create HM slots for each Pokemon in addition to TM slots.
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