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Wow; Pikachu learns Energy ball already in this episode? Dang I was shocked when I watched this. Those three Ducklett laugh scared the living crap out of me. They won't shut up; I wanted them to get fainted already! Why it have to evolve? The Sandile was so cute when it didn't evolve. I loved how scared it was and how cute it looked without his Sunglasses! Such a cute little thing. I love how Dento covered his food up before Kibago made his attack earlier. Drats Satoshi; why didn't you capture it! Osshawott kept getting hit by the Ducklett attack was priceless. No Team Rocket in this episode which was pretty shocking(So many Wishfulshipping clips in here). I wasn't suspecting this to be a good episode but this'll have to be my favorite filler episode!

Ducklett blasting off again!!!!!
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