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    This is a re-application for my old place. I took the old SU I made and edited it slightly. At the end of the 'History' section I added in a little story potentially explaining why Ryan was gone.

    Name: Ryan Newson

    Nickname: (Nicknames can be decided by others for him)

    Age: 21

    Sex: Male

    Job: Pokémon Legend studies.

    Appearance: Ryan is 6"1 tall and weighs 146lbs. He has light brown hair and glasses. He is very skinny, almost no visible body fat or muscle. He generaly wears Checkered shirts and Jeans.

    Personality: Ryan is generally friendly but also very shy. He is easily intimidated but won't be walked over. He is obsessed with legendary Pokémon and often day dreams about them. Usually won't speak unless spoken to but if he sees a dispute going on he will join in to give his point of view. Being very shy has lead to his lack of friends and absolutely no romantic experience at all. Due to this he likes to stay in his room a lot and doesn't leave for any events such as parties etc. Ryan isn't quick to judge and gives everyone a chance to prove themselves before creating an opinion on them, however once that opinion is formed it becomes very hard to change therefore first impressions are everything when meeting Ryan Newson.

    History: Ryan grew up on Pummelo Island in the Orange Islands. Due to this he has experienced many wonderful things throughout his youth. His father and grandfather were both champions at the Orange League and this has caused a great deal of stress to him by being pressured by people around him to follow in his families footsteps. Ryan never liked battles much and preferred to watch and collect. His love for legendaries started when rescued by a mysterious pokémon when he fell from his families boat whilst sailing past lightning island. The pokémon that saved him looks like this. when he was discovered two days later on the shore is Pummelo Island nobody new about the pokémon he described and they said he must of imagined or dreamt it. Ryan believed all of this until when he was 12 and was sailing past lightning island again the very same pokémon appeared beneath the sea where his boat was. Since then Ryan made it his job to search for legendary pokémon and to learn as much as he could about them.
    Ryan discovered 'The Pokémon Trainer Academy' in a newspaper article. He knew that this would be the ideal place to learn more about Legendaries and also teach all that he knew about Legendaries to all people that felt the same as he did.
    Ryan's first ever pokémon was a Charmander that is the son of his farther's Charizard. It is now a Charizard and Ryan's companion and best friend.
    Ryan's first captured pokémon was a Nidoran♂ that he raised up to a Nidoking from a moonstone his grandfather left him in his will. This Nidoran♂ was found in the Fuchsia city safari zone which he went for his 14th birthday.
    Ryan's third and final pokémon was an Electabuz he traded for an Exeggcute that he captured in the Safari zone also.
    Ryan had to leave the PTA hurriedly not so long back due to a terrible storm that had occurred in the Orange Islands, devastating his home island. As soon as Ryan had heard the news he flew straight back to the islands without telling anyone where he was going. He doesn't talk about what happened when he got there, he keeps it to himself. However, now, he is hoping to return to the PTA to resume in teaching Pokémon Legend Studies.


    Species: Charizard ♂
    Personality: Friendly, helpful, but aggressive like all Charizards.
    Lvl: 42
    Moveset: Heatwave, Dragonclaw, Flamethrower, Wing Attack, Fly.

    Species: Nidoking ♂
    Personality: Friendly but likes to joke around.
    Lvl: 35
    Moveset: Megahorn, Cut, Return, Double Kick, Focus Punch.

    Species: Electabuzz ♂
    Personality: Lazy but kind-hearted.
    Lvl: 33
    Moveset: Double-Edge, Thunderbolt, Thunderpunch, Strength, Swift.
    Completed Challenges:
    Legendary Trio: Crystal; Moltres, Lugia, Raikou
    Username Challenge: FireRed