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    Racism is expressed as openly and widely as it has always been. Even more so, now, I think, with advent of the internet. That is because racist comments have been moved from the public arena, where it is roundly condemned, and moved into the cyber arena, where every voice can be anonymous and so those sentiments can be aired freely. Racism, like all prejudices, never truly goes away. It just moves to a medium that is more friendly to such comments.

    I've heard my share of racist comments, from co-workers to acquaintances, and even family. It's not overt racism, but it's racism nonetheless. I doubt they even realize they're being racist when they make these comments, until it is pointed out to them and they are shocked and at once apologetic.

    As for the anti-racism activists, the louder they get, the better off we are, I think. That is because it drowns out the message of intolerance, which is always a good thing. Everyone has the right to speak their mind, but that doesn't mean the people around them can be forced to listen.
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