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Posted May 4th, 2017
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Made a routine that changes the attack into the user's primary type (Judgment...), here :

.align 2
.global test

push {lr}
ldr r0, .UserBank
ldr r1, .BattleData
ldrb r0, [r0]
mov r2, #0x58
mul r0, r2
add r1, #0x21
add r1, r0
ldrb r1, [r1]
ldr r0, .MemAddress
ldr r0, [r0]
add r0, #0x13
strb r1, [r0]
pop {r0}
bx r0

.align 2
.BattleData:.word 0x02024084
.UserBank:.word 0x0202420B
.MemAddress:.word 0x0202449C

Just callasm this routine before the attackcanceler in battle script. Pm if there is bug/problem/other
I think it's not optimized but whatever, it works. I'll see if I can change it

Edited, thanks KDS